Wolverine Care Pledge

For Me, For You, Go Safe, Go Blue!

Being a part of the University of Michigan-Flint community means that we each have a responsibility to respect each other and commit to creating and maintaining a safe learning environment. In an effort to highlight this responsibility, students from the University of Michigan-Flint partnered with students from the University of Michigan-Dearborn to create the Wolverines Care Pledge. This pledge was created as a way to educate other students and ensure our respective campuses are once again vibrant.

Join your fellow students now by Taking The Pledge and sharing the Wolverines Care Pledge and your reason for taking it on social media using #WolverinesCare.

The Flint First Initiative

The Flint First Initiative was created to extend a strong student leadership presence in the community beyond the University of Michigan-Flint campus to help register and inform a historically disenfranchised community affected by voter suppression and historical systemic racism.

Phase One
During the first phase of the Initiative, 30 student volunteers provided over 350 lunches to essential workers on Labor Day, registered people to vote, and counted 16 households for the Census.

Phase Two
Saturday, October 17, 2020 one hundred and one (101) university student leaders organized across the city of Flint for a “Flint First Day of Action” to get out the vote.

This city wide door to door literature drop campaign was initiated to address institutional racism and historic voter suppression in Flint, Michigan. Students from Universities across the state of Michigan organized with the aid and direction of the Latinx Technology & Community Center and The University of Michigan-Flint Student Government to launch this event. Canvassing approximately ≈ 9,850 households, our collective efforts were aligned to inform residents, with non-partisan literature provided by the ACLU, on their voting rights, planning their vote and volunteering to become an election poll worker this 2020 General Election.