Nickxit Bhardwaj


I have been a student and a student organization leader for the last  3 years at the University of Michigan-Flint. I have seen a void between the student government and students. I am passionate to work with SG and execute my vision of an Engaged Student Life, Inclusive Campus and Accountable and Transparent university administration. I believe that student government is the voice of the student body and we can make a change! We are your Voice!


Queen Odira

Vice President

Hey! My Name is Queen and I am the Vice President of Student Government. I am a sophomore, studying to get a degree in biomedical engineering with a concentration in pre-med. In my free time I love reading, blogging and building deep meaningful relationships with people. I recently got into working out and I've always loved making music with friends. I joined Student Government because I was tired of just speaking about change and was ready to start making it. I saw a lot of great traditions that I wanted to be a part of spearheading and I was ready to take charge of my own college experience. Being in Student Government means being a voice for my friends, peers, staff and the university in its entirety. Student Government means being an instrument for the community. Not necessarily sharing what I want and need but rather the needs and wants of the people I represent.


Sharvari Pathak

Director of Administrative Affairs

I am the Director of Administrative Affairs. I am a sophomore studying towards a degree in biology. I love to play basketball, dance and play an Indian percussion instrument named Tabla. Being in the Student Government brings a lot of responsibility of representing my fellow students. It also gives me an opportunity to bring minorities into the mainstream. I want to form a bridge between the students and the administration and communicate their concerns.


Mustafa Salim

Director of Financial Affairs

My name is Mustafa and I am the Director of Financial Affairs. I am currently a junior and I am working towards my degree in Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Finance. I’m very passionate about music and have been producing electronic music for about 3 years now! I knew student government was an organisation that had the resources and outreach to make a real and direct impact on student life and I wanted to play my role in facilitating that. Being in student government, to me, means enabling bright minded students on campus and other organisations to reach their full potential and excel in their respective fields.


Carl Grolle

Director of Government and Legal Affairs

Hello! I am the Director of Government and Legal Affairs. I am currently studying Engineering with hopes to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering. This is my second year at the University of Michigan Flint. I joined Student Government this year because while I was on Senate in the Winter 2019 semester I fell in love with the culture of empowerment that SG brings to campus. Student Government provides a way to actively be involved with the University and the surrounding community. By being a member of SG I get the privilege of continuously meeting all kinds of amazing students and making sure that their voice is heard. When I am not studying or working in the SG office, I enjoy camping, sailing, and hanging out with my friends. If you see me walking around campus, don't be afraid to say hi! Go Blue!


Samantha Uptmor

Director of Foreign Outreach

Hi! My position this year will be Director of Foreign Outreach. At UM Flint I am pursuing a degree in Political Science. I also have an Associates in Arts and an Advanced Certificate in Global Peace Studies from Delta College. This year I will be a junior, and in my free time I absolutely love to read and hike! I find both to be a really nice way to wind down and relax. I joined Student Government because I was a Senator last year and really enjoyed all of the work we did! I also really wanted to continue connecting with other students to continue to help make UM Flint better! Being in Student Government to me means being someone who other students can come to with issues or concerns. I have an open email policy if there’s ever anything anyone needs.


Logan Jorrey

Director of Web and Technology

Hi, my name is Logan Jorrey and I am the Director of Web and Technology. I am currently a sophomore who has not yet decided on a specific major. In my free time I love playing video games and bowling. I joined student government because I have a passion for computers and figured this interest would benefit the student of UM-Flint by allowing me to transform our website. Being in this position to me means that I am able to help students on campus by updating the student government website and social media in order to make information more accessible and accurate


Kamryn Hoadley

Director of Student Organizations and Partnership Board

Hello! I am Kamryn Hoadley, and I am the current Director of Student Organizations and Partnership Board. I am a Junior going for a degree in Political Science with minors in Anthropology and Public Administration. When I am not working with Student Government and my other organizations, I love to read, travel, and spend time with my friends. I am so excited to be a part of Student Government and be able to make an impact on the University of Michigan-Flint community. I’m looking forward to being able to connect with more students and leaders on campus and being able to facilitate conversations between them and Student Government. Anyone is welcome to come to my office hours or email me at anytime if they need me!


Marcus Williams

Director of Student Relations

Hey student body, my name is Marcus Williams, I am a 5th year student at the University of Michigan Flint. My major is Computer Information Systems and I have a minor in Theatre. The organizations that I’m involved in Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, PRIDE Club, and Association of Computer Machinery. My goal as Director of Student Relations is to government is to effectively solve student concerns.