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Funding Board Charter

-Allocation requests are to be submitted through Mgagement two weeks before the activity date. The application form is linked here


- There is a Bystander Intervention Training that must be completed by a minimum of two officers from a student org to receive funds from the Funding Board. These are taught by the Women’s Education Center and sign up can be done here.


- VSOs are eligible to receive a cumulative amount of $2,300 per Academic Year. This is to ensure a wider availability of funds can be spread over more diverse events.


- Funding of conferences is limited to registration costs only.


- Funding Board meeting days, which are at 9:00am every other Tuesday are in the Student Government Office 364 UCEN. The meetings are open to all students, while the discussion and vote are private.


- We are in the process of restructuring our Funding Board Charter, so changes will be coming in the future and you all will be informed of the new process when it is implemented Winter 2017.


- The Funding Board is seeking Members-at-Large, these are non-student government members of the Funding Board, who hear requests and vote. Application for this opportunity can be done here.