For Me, For You, Go Safe, Go Blue!

Being a part of the University of Michigan-Flint community means that we each have a responsibility to respect each other and commit to creating and maintaining a safe learning environment. In an effort to highlight this responsibility, students from the University of Michigan-Flint partnered with students from the University of Michigan-Dearborn to create the Wolverines Care Pledge. This pledge was created as a way to educate other students and ensure our respective campuses are once again vibrant.

Join your fellow students now by Taking The Pledge and sharing the Wolverines Care Pledge and your reason for taking it on social media using #WolverinesCare.


We the students of the University of Michigan-Flint and the University of Michigan-Dearborn are partnering by pledging to take action to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities. 
To help prevent the spread of  COVID-19, we pledge to:
  • Respect others by staying home while sick and seeking medical attention if necessary;
  • Commit to wearing a face-covering that covers the mouth, nose, and chin while on campus;
  • Practice safe social, physical distancing from others whenever possible;
  • Be educated and adhere to the guidelines put forth by our University;
  • Maintain good hygiene; limit the touch of eyes, mouth, and face and wash hands frequently; 
  • Check for symptoms before coming to campus.
We take this pledge today because:
  • We want to protect ourselves, our families and our community;
  • We have it within our power to save lives;
  • We want others to experience our vibrant campuses sooner rather than later;
History will judge our contributions to ending this global pandemic, one of the major social challenges of our time. Together we can and will defeat COVID-19 and forge a better future for generations to come. 
For Me, For You, Go Safe, Go Blue


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