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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Thank you for visiting the School of Health Professions and Studies HIPAA website, which provides all the necessary information to achieve HIPAA compliance for faculty, students and staff. Also, the site contains useful reference materials to simplify and explain the role of HIPAA in research and operations at the School of Health Professions and Studies.

Below is a chart with the guidelines indicating who needs what level of training and certification. Please identify the category that best fits you and then proceed to the Online Training page and the Confidentiality Agreement page to begin the process of meeting the requirements for HIPAA compliance.

Currently, the University of Michigan does not require a quiz to certify HIPAA compliance. Therefore, you only need to complete the appropriate online training and sign the confidentiality agreement. However, please be aware that this requirement may change in the future, at which time we will notify you.

If you have any questions, please contact Amalie Helms at

Please identify yourself in the table below. You will need to take one of the two training sessions listed-either the HIPAA for Researchers OR the HIPAA Basics Module. Please complete the HIPAA training follow further instructions within your respective link:


Affiliation Required Training Module Please Click On Desired Version: Confidentiality Agreement
Faculty HIPAA for Researchers HIPAA for Researchers
(site optimized for use with Internet Explorer)
Students with Research Positions HIPAA for Researchers X
Staff HIPAA Basics HIPAA Basics
(site optimized for use with Internet Explorer)
Students without Research Positions HIPAA Basics X
Non-UM Business Associates None None X



The online training protocols are learning modules created by the University of Michigan Health System. Upon completion of the training, you will be able to download a certificate of HIPAA training to maintain for your records. If you have any difficulties with accessing the online training or downloading the certificate, please e-mail Amalie Helms at .


To Complete the Training:

  1. Select the appropriate training protocol: Click the appropriate highlighted link in the table above.
  2. Read through the learning module. At the end of the module, follow the instructions for persons who are associated with the University of Michigan-Flint but are non-UMHS employees.
  3. Download the PDF certificate. If possible, type your name and ID number on the certificate and attach the certificate to an e-mail. If you are not able to enter the information, attach the certificate in an e-mail and include your name, ID number and date of completion in the body of the e-mail.
  4. E-mail the certificate and your personal information (if necessary) to Amalie Helms at If you prefer, you can fax the certificate to (810)424-5277.
  5. Maintain a copy of your certificate in your records.