Get Involved...DO SOMETHING!

With more than 100 student organizations to choose from, the University of Michigan-Flint has an organization for everyone. There are organizations for various academic departments, religions, and cultural backgrounds, as well as organizations for honors, club sports, social fraternities and sororities, service groups, and special interests. Given all these opportunities, it is hard to imagine wanting more.

However, if you can not find an organization that matches your interest, or if you have an idea for a new organization, feel free to talk with staff about forming a new group.

For more information, please contact us in the Department of Student Involvement and Leadership (361 UCEN).

Political Organizations

  • College Democrats
    As the student wing of the Democratic Party, this club dedicates itself to organizing college students from across the campus in order to inspire and assist the participation of young Americans into the political process and the Democratic Party. The College Democrats strive to better the country and to promote the principles of equality, opportunity, social justice, and freedom within a just and strong society.
    Student Contact:  Melvin L. Webster
  • College Republicans
    The College Republicans student organization seeks to present a positive image of the Republican party and provide information to the university community about the philosophy and actions of the party, both locally and nationally.
    Student Contact:  Brandon DuBois-Jones
  • Website:


  • Students for Life
    Our goal is to be a pro-life presence on campus. The main purpose of our group will be to change hearts and minds about abortion and other life issues, and above all to uphold the woman's dignity and the right to life. We hope to do this not only through organized events to create dialogue between both pro-choice and pro-life students but also in the situations that we each meet in day to day life, in our classes, and with our friends.
    Student Contact:  Johnathan Belanger
  • Website:
  • Feminists For Global Equality
    We are committed to promoting social equality, justice, and women’s issues.  Its principal goal is to give a voice to not only women, but to all students by providing support, resources, and empowerment to students and community.  It plans to be an advocate for student and community voices, and a politicizing force in our community.
    Student Contact:  Lucy Gibbons
  • Website:

Honor Societies

  • Beta Alpha Psi Honor Society
    The Eta Xi chapter of this national honors fraternity for financial information professionals strives to coordinate extra-curricular activities and academic opportunities through lectures, social activities, interaction with the School of Management faculty, and community service events.  Past service events include VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance), blood drives, and Toys for Tots.
    Student Contact:  Amie S Auten
  • Eta Sigma Gamma

Eta Sigma Gamma is a national Health Education honorary organization.  The Delta Phi chapter provides an opportunity for UM-Flint students to network with other Health Education students and professionals, volunteer to improve the health of the community, and engage in personal and professional growth activities.

Student Contact: Antione Martin

  • Golden Key International Honor Society
    Golden Key is an academic honour society which recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement and excellence among college and university students from all academic disciplines.  Members are connected to exclusive career opportunities and assistance through Golden Key's partnerships with major corporations and graduate programs.
    Student Contact:  Rebecca Blakeney
    Website: or
  • Phi Alpha Honor Society
    Phi Alpha is a national honor society for undergraduate and graduate social work students. Membership is open to students who have attained sophomore status and a cumulative GPA of 3.0. Phi Alpha has an academic focus, and hosts different scholastic type events throughout the year.
    Student Contact:  Cameron Edwards
  • Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society
    Pi Sigma Alpha is a national honor society that recognizes Political Science majors and minors who have high academic achievement.  It also strives to raise political awareness through various community events, and welcomes the involvement of anyone interested in political science.
    Student Contact:  Schuyler Ferguson
  • Psi Chi: The International Honor Society in Psychology
    Psi Chi is a national honor society that recognizes Psychology majors and minors who have high academic achievement.  It also strives to raise psychological awareness through various community events, and welcomes the involvement of anyone interested in psychology.
    Student Contact:  Amber Mach

  • Sigma Tau Delta

Sigma Tau Delta is an honor society comprised of English majors and minors. All students are welcome to join this organization which creates an environment for English enthusiasts, lovers of literature, rapt readers, and writers. While all students are welcome to join only those majoring or minoring in English with an overall GPA of 3.0 and a GPA in English (major or minor) of 3.5 are able to be fully inducted into the national honor society.

Student Contact: Cassie Thayer

Religious Organizations


  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
    Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship is to establish and advance at colleges and universities witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God’s word, God’s people of every ethnicity and culture, and God’s purposes in the world.
    Student Contact:  Charmaine Harvey
  • Monday Manna
    The mission of Monday Manna (M2) is to equip college students to enact their own Christian endeavors today and experience God working through their lives.  We believe that God has called young people to lead the cause of Jesus Christ today.  The result of students participating in M2 is a generation of youth empowered to transform the world!
    Student Contact:  Nancy Wilson
  • Muslim Student Association
    The Muslim Student Association is dedicated to increasing religion tolerance and cleaning up misconceptions about Islam.  They hold weekly meetings and many other events throughout the year to help with this effort.  Everyone is welcome to join. 
    Student Contact:  Salaam Tarakji
  • Newman Catholic Fellowship
    Newman Catholic Fellowship is a group where students can find fellowship and friendship with each other, with the community, and with our Lord, Jesus Christ. Together, we seek to grow in our faith and explore with great joy the presence of God in our lives and the love He has for His people.
    Student Contact:  Samantha Lang
  • Website:

Cultural Organizations

  • African Student Association

Student Contact: Mary Ishaku


  • Black Student Union
    The Black Student Union works to promote cultural awareness, community service, and encourage a positive educational environment. The organization works hard to accomplish this through social and educational events while providing a space where awareness of resources, social justice, and a sense of community are the priorities.
    Student Contact:  Jaslyn Morris 
  • Indian Student Association

​       Student Contact: Sharada Lnu

       Student Contact: Samantha Scott

  • Korean Student Association

The Korean Student Association strives to share and enhance the Korean culture with those who are interested in the country as well as its culture, as well as making Korean international students feel more comfortable in a foreign country by connecting these students with non-Korean students through social, educational, and service oriented events.

Student Contact: Sul Kwag

  • Native American Student Association
    We strive to provide support for the Native American students on campus and educate the UM-Flint community on Native American culture and customs.
    Student Contact:  Kyle Manley


  • Saudi Student Association

The Saudi Student Club promotes educating the university and Flint community about the Saudi history and culture through difference events and encouraging participation in occasions such as National Day Celebration.

Student Contact: Abdulrahman Alshammari

  • Spanish Club
    The Spanish Club is an organization for students who enjoy the Spanish culture.  It has many events planned throughout the school year in accordance with Spanish holidays.
    Student Contact:  Ronald Isaac


  • Student Theatre Group

Student Contact: Matt Coggins



  • United Student Association

Student Contact: Amged Eidelsafy & Mohammad Dlewati

Social Organizations

The Dungeons and Dragons Club meets regularly for a game of D&D role playing, informing others of the aforementioned game's meets, and dispelling misconceptions and stereotypes concerning the culture.

Student Contact:  Dallas Woodward

Block Club is a fully inclusive student organization  which strives for excellence by fostering a culture that illuminates Student Empowerment, Leadership and Safety awareness and the ability to put forth  fun event that cater to our over all objective.
Student Contact: Delwann Shahid 
  • Future-minded University students for Environmentally-conscious Living (F.U.E.L.)

    F.U.E.L. is a student organization that's passionate about the environment.  We actively encourage implementation of Green technology and practices by students, campus administration, student organizations, Greek Life, student housing and the community through workshops, fundraising, and social advocacy.
    Student Contact:  Joseph Pavia

  • Graphics Club

    The Graphics Club goal is create and design for campus, clubs and Flint businesses. With networking and experience this club is great for those seeking a career in the design field.

    Student Contact: Marlenn Arambula

  • Photography Club

    Student Contact:  Alicia Shaver

  • Promoting Respect, Individuality, and Diversity Everywhere (PRIDE)
    PRIDE encourages open and free expression of individuals across campus. The organization acts as a safe place, for individuals to socialize, express themselves, and also acts as advocates for social justice issues.
    Student Contact:  Amanda Shanesy


  • Student Theatre Group

    Providing opportunities for students of any major/concentration to be involved in theatre-making (acting, technical, directing, etc.). Our group will regulary play improvisation games and conduct studies of plays and scences for the fun of it all.

    Student Contact:  Matthew Coggins

  • Student Veterans of American-Flint Chapter
    The Student Veterans of America is dedicated to creating an environment that fosters a smooth transition with institutions of higher learning for student veterans through education, advocacy, and service while maintaining an open and progressive dialog among student veterans nationwide. 
    Student Contact:  Isaac Croteau
  • Students for Free-Thought
    We promote and practice the open, rational, and scientific examination of the universe and our place in it.  We strive to provide an inviting community for atheists, agnostics, free thinkers, humanist, naturalists, and skeptics to discuss and educate our fellow students of our viewpoints. 
    Student Contact: 


  • Video Gamer's Club
    Do you need help trudging through your immense pile of homework?  Then you've come to the wrong place; that's what we're trying to get away from.  All work and no play makes Master Chief a lonely person, so join the Video Gamers' Club and sit down among friends!  Main attractions include Halo 3, Gears of war, Guitar Hero, Super Smash Bros, DDR, and Nintendo Wii.  ALL VIDEO GAMERS ARE WELCOMED!
    Student Contact:  Joe Jenkins

Academic Organizations


  • Anthropological Sciences Club
The AnthrSciences Club keeps its members and those interested informed about past and ongoing anthropological theories and research as well as information in related areas of interest. Its goals are to help provide the needed tools so that its members feel confident when beginning the graduate school selection and application process. The club keeps members notified of upcoming seminars in the fields of anthropology, archeology and similar disciplines. Numerous speakers in these fields are brought to the area for lectures and research opportunities will also become available through this organization. Trips to anthropological conventions and Central America for fieldwork are also planned for those members interested.
         Student Contact:  Grace Careyopological 
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
    This student organization promotes mechanical engineering and the engineering programs at the University of Michigan-Flint and Ann Arbor.
    Student Contact:  Ali Asghar
  • Chemistry Club
    The Chemistry Club is an award-winning Student Member Chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS) that is dedicated to promoting chemistry while providing an enriching, fun experience for its members.  The organizations frequently create and perform various magic shows, demonstrations, and workshops on campus and in the community.
    Student Contact:  Alexa Barres

  • Criminal Justice Club
    The Criminal Justice Club, at the University of Michigan-Flint, is an organization where criminal justice students can obtain information, network, attend seminars on timely events in criminal justice, and listen to prominent local speakers.
    Student Contact: Brandon Bertram

  • Entrepreneuer's Society
    The Entrepreneur's Society at the University of Michigan-Flint was created to foster creativity and innovation by and between the university's faculty, staff, students, and the community in which we live.  This will be accomplished by discussion sessions, invited lectureship, practical business-oriented experiences, and research efforts.
    Student Contact:  Dominic Lambaria
  • Financial Management Association
    Our organization aims to provide an avenue for students focused in business and finance to have the ability to form study groups for the GMAT, for career exploration through guest speaker from the industry, travel on trips and attend conferences for insight into the field, to provide information on licensing for various areas of business and finance and philanthropies.
    Student Contact:  Robert Gantz
  • Healthcare Administration Student Organization
    The Healthcare Administration Student Organization (HASO) is designed to provide students within the health care administration program an opportunity to develop effective leadership skills, access to information on careers and job opportunities, as well as the opportunity for networking within the health care industry.
    Student Contact:  Hannah Murdoch
  • Historical Society
    The purpose of this organization is to encourage an interest in history, to help other students who are having difficulty in the field and to sponsor history related projects.
    Student Contact:  Justin Wetenhall
  • Molecular Biology Club
    The Molecular Biology Club is comprised of energetic, focused, and excited students who wish to make a difference on our campus and in the community.  Any students who are interested in approaching science from fun and interesting angles, while gaining important volunteer experience, are more than welcome. 
    Student ContactRebecca Farr
  • National Association for Music Education
    The National Association for Music Education strives to form a community with any music education students at UM-Flint. It is a professional development group, which emphasizes in learning new music teaching techniques. It gives students the opportunity to network with other music education professional in the community and schools.
    Student Contact:  Stephen Simmons
  • Pre-Dental Club
    The Pre-Dental Club is open to all students interested in having a career in the dental field. It involves up to date information used in the professional field, guest speakers for guidance for dental school entries, full practice DAT exams to help prepare for the real DAT and trips to dental schools to broaden options for the future.
    Student Contact:  Stephanie Myers
  • Pre-Med Club
    The Pre-Med Club focuses on preparing students for entry into medical school or other medically oriented professional schools prior to matriculation.  Some of the events provided include practice entry exams, professional speakers, and tours of other campuses.
    Student Contact:  Issam Kadadu
  • Pre-Physical Therapy Club
    The Pre-Physical Therapy purpose is to become familiar with physical therapy and meet other students with the same interests. This organization plans tours of local hospitals and have guest speakers from different fields of physical therapy.  Meet current PT students and talk with them to find out more about the program here at UM-Flint first hand.
    Student Contact:  Alicia Gillman
  • Pre-Veterinary Club

    Student Contact:  Amanda Chowning

  • Psychology Club

    Student ContactRebecca Horning

  • Radiation Therapy Student Organization
    The Radiation Therapy Student Organization aims to raise UM-Flint students' and the Flint community's awareness about various types of cancer as well as cancer prevention and treatment, raise funds for charity organizations benefiting cancer patients and cancer research, and provide support for radiation therapy students in their pursuit of professional and academic development.
    Student Contact:  Tayler Lewis
  • SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers)

       SAE International encourages and supports the development of skills related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in an effort to provide students with an experience beyond the typical textbook theory.

       Student Contact:  Scott Sier

  • Social Work Club
    The Social Work Club engages in such activities that act to improve social welfare.  These may be education or information sessions, on campus and off campus events benefiting the community, county, state, nation or world and working as a team both with internal members and external agencies.
    Student Contact:  Bobbie Schaefer
  • Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)

    Student Contact:  Nicole Flower

  • Society of Physics Students
    The Society of Physics Students  at the University of Michigan-Flint hosts exciting events for the students of the campus and at area secondary schools. This organization is perfect for not only for physics majors, but also for education majors.  Its goal is to increase the awareness of physics applications, concepts, and possible careers related to physics. 
    Student Contact:  Ben Frye
  • Student Advertising Network
    The Student Advertising Network at the University of Michigan-Flint represents the American Advertising Foundation as a student chapter.  This organization networks with the Flint Area Advertising (Network) Foundation to provide students with exposure to local professionals and job opportunities.
    Student Contact:  Calvin Drzewiecki
  • Student Communication Association
    The Student Communication Association is working at having another wonderful semester by providing workshops, entertainment, and service to the students of UM-Flint and the surrounding community. 
    Student Contact: Ryan Holser
  • Student Nurse's Association
    The Student Nurses Association (SNA) offers support and interaction with other nursing students and nursing faculty.  The club allows for volunteer opportunities, information from nursing professionals at monthly meetings, and a chance to attend the yearly National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) convention where there are thousands of other nursing students from across the county.  It is another way to prepare for a future career in the nursing profession.
    Student Contact:  Martin Rivera-Salas
  • Wildlife Club
    For students who enjoy the outdoors and learning about wildlife, this club offers a fun and friendly atmosphere. Some of its events include: Camping at Magee Marsh in Ohio to experience the annual Spring bird migration, volunteering at Bat Zone at Cranbrook in Detroit, as well as providing educational experiences in the form of open discussions at our monthly movie nights.
    Student Contact:  Morgan Boyer