Social Media at UM-Flint

UM-Flint's central social media accounts are managed by University Communications and Marketing. 


Every social media account associated with UM-Flint is a reflection of the university and helps shape the brand for our audience. We invite you to meet with Andrea Eveslage and also review the University of Michigan's tri-campus Social Media Guidelines before initiating a social media account or plan for your department or program.


Social media is much more than posting fun or informational content. It's not a quick fix to get people to your event. Social media is a two-way conversation. It's storytelling. It's customer service at the highest level. It's engaging. It also requires strategy.

Ask yourself:

Why do I want a social media account? 
Do I simply want an account because everyone else has one, or do I want people to legitimately read your content?

What does my school, program, or department hope to accomplish through social media?
Outline your goals in order to properly track the return of your investment, which consists of a lot of time and planning.

How will the content differ from other existing social accounts?
Maybe it would make more sense to partner with another social media account that already has a follower base. 

Where and who is my target demographic?
Concentrate your efforts on one platform before expanding your presence. Take the time to engage, educate, and inform. Social media is about transparency and customer service.

Do I have enough content to sustain a regular presence, or is this an initiative that would benefit from collaboration on central accounts with an already established following?
Successful UM-Flint accounts update Facebook 1-2x/day, Twitter 5-10x, Instagram several times a week. Programs that are unable to meet content requirements have access to the central UM-Flint accounts for leverage. We’re here to help and collaborate.


Your story, your photos, and your videos give the overall UM-Flint story texture, personality, authenticity, and accessibility. Send us your best stories and testimonials. With your help, we'll be able to keep our communities tuned-in to all things UM-Flint, and find the best ways to share your story, the UM-Flint story, with the world.


The UM-Flint Social Leadership Group is comprised of faculty and staff who manage department-level social media accounts on behalf of the University. The group meets monthly to strategize and share resources. Contact Andrea Eveslage to be added to the meeting schedule and MCommunity group.