Major in SUTI

Bachelor of Science in Substance Use Treatment and Intervention

The Substance Use Treatment and Intervention (SUTI) program ultimately leads to a Bachelor of Science degree.  The program is designed to meet the needs of students who intend to prepare for a profession in substance use treatment at the bachelor level, and those who seek eligibility for the Certified Alchol and Drug Counseling (CADC) certificate. The four year, 124 credit, program includes 20 credits in elective courses; 40 credits of General Education requirements; 64 credits of substance use courses, in addition to complementary courses which are individually selected in consultation with a SUTI academic advisor.

Minor in SAT

Substance Abuse Treatment Minor

Whether you decide to be a teacher, nurse, mental health clinician, psychologist, criminal justice professional, or social worker you can count on working with issues caused directly, or indirectly, from substance abuse. We developed this minor to prepare you for the State of Michigan's Certified Addictions Counselor certification. This minor is taught completely online, which allows for flexibility around your class or work schedule. Classes are offered online (5 classes) and over three semesters with two classes in the Fall semester, two classes in the Winter semester, and one class in the Spring semester.  If you want a minor that leaves you with something real to give back to the world, consider our substance abuse treatment courses!

This minor is organized to complement any concentration, for preparation for entry level practice in the field of substance abuse treatment and to provide an additional certification for those who have already graduated and/ or are interested in substance abuse treatment and prevention.

The 5 courses for the minor are: SAT 202, SAT 320, SAT 330, SAT 340 and SAT 345.  

SAT 430 can replace one 300 level course with Program Coordinator approval.  

Course Work

The Bachelor of Science in Substance Use Treatment and Intervention is a multi-disciplinary degree utilizing courses from Social Work, Criminal Justice, and Substance Use Treatment and Intervention.  Complementary and General Education courses are also offered to expand the students academic experience.

Course Calendar

Sample Calendar Year

Year 1 (30 credits)

UNV 100 – First year Experience (3-4)

SOC 100 – Introduction to Sociology (3)

ENG 111 – College Rhetoric (3)

CRJ 185 – Introduction to the Criminal Justice System (3)

Global Studies (3)


EHS 120 – Ecology of Teaching and Social Work (3)

SWR 100 – Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Work (3)

SAT 202 –problems of Substance Use (3)

Fine Arts (3)

PHL 162 – Introductions to Ethics (3)

Year 2 (32 Credits)

SAT 203 – Ethics, Legal and Consumer Rights (3)

SAT 220 – Substance Use Screening, Assessment and Treatment (3)

SWR 250 – Social Justice and Diversity (3)

PHS 210 – Public Health and Engaged Citizen (3)

Complementary Studies (3)


BIO 104 – Introduction to Human Biology (4)

EHS 220 – Building a Sustainable Community: Teaching and Social Work (3)

SWR 270 – Introduction to Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis (4)

Technology (3)

Elective (3)

Year 3 (35 credits)

CRJ 300 – Gender, Crime and Justice (3)

SAT 335 – Motivation for Change (3)

SAT 305 Child and Family Interventions (3)

SAT 320 – Substance Use Theory, Treatment and Special Populations (3)

SAT 340 Intervention Strategies and Methods in Substance Use (3)

Elective (2 credits)

Students should have completed all General Education, Fields  of Study with a C or better

SAT 306 Community Intervention (3)

SAT 330 Substance Use Treatment and the Dual Disorders Community (3)

SAT 350 Substance use Treatment for the Individual  (3) Pre-req. BIO 104

SAT 355 Substance Use Treatment in Groups(3) Pre-req. BIO 104

SAT 360 – Integrated Field Seminar (3)

Complementary Studies (3)

Year 4 (27 Credits)

SAT 450 – Case Management in Human Services I (3) Pre-req. BIO 104

SAT 460 Field Instruction I (6)

Complementary Studies (3)

Elective (3 credits)


SAT 451 – Case Management in Human Services II (3) Pre-req. BIO 104 and SAT 450 with a grade of C or better

SAT 461 – Field Instruction II (6) Pre-req. SAT 460

SAT 490 – Integrative Seminar in Substance Use Treatment and Intervention (3) Pre-req. Open to students with a major in SAT who have completed SAT 202, 203, 220, 320, 330, 335, 340, 350, and 355, as well as senior status.