The School of Management is located on the second floor of the Riverfront building located off from Saginaw Street. A staircase is located by the main entrance that leads to the second floor where the SOM administration and faculty offices, classrooms, computer labs, etc are located. 

An elevator is located in the building and leads up to the residential tower It cannot be access to off-campus students/public use. If you need to use this elevator because of a disability, Disability and Accessibility Support Services (DASS) oversees special requests for daily student use from the first floor to the second floor. 

Disability and Accessibility Support Services strives to ensure that qualified students are accommodated and, if possible, these accommodations do not jeopardize successful therapeutic interventions. The office does not modify requirements that are essential to the program of instruction or provide accommodations for persons whose impairments do not substantially limit one or more major life function. The office also takes reports about issues with the campus facilities for those with accessibility concerns such as elevators, snow removal and accessibility to their classes.

Please contact Chip Evans, Disability Services Coordinator, to request accommodations or complete the Accommodation Request Form. Chip Evans will coordinate with Housing and Residential life about obtaining a special Mcard to use to access the first and second floors of the Riverfront. 

To view more about the Accommodation Request Process, please visit DASS website for more information.