Alumni Advice

If you are a SOM Alumni and would like to share a piece of advice for a Class of 2020 graduate, fill out this form.

If you are considering graduate school or a certification, do it now if possible.  Also, take a job in the sector you are trained for, even if it is not the exact job you want.  You can learn a lot.  Consider what type of career can carry you through disruptions and downturns.  Will the career you have chosen be a good choice for the future?   Is it sustainable?  Know that tech is changing everything.  If you are an entrepreneur, pay attention to the lessons during times like these, like having too much leverage.  Having a solid balance sheet and a rainy-day fund is critical.  Be able to pivot and take advantage of opportunities.  These are the times where you learn the most. 

- Sheryl Stephens, Owner, CEO, SOM graduate

Celebrate your achievement, but don’t stop. This isn’t the end of your journey and you are capable of many amazing things. And be proud of yourself! 

- Andrew Hartman, BBA 2011, MBA 2016

Have the imagination to change as the times do. Especially during these unusual times adapting to and leading change will give you the edge you deserve in your career and personal life.

- Annie Suri, MBA 2015

With the Covid-19 pandemic, there is potential for job opportunities as many currently employed are considering retiring at this time.   Continue to apply and interview, practice makes perfect.  An entry level job can add skills towards one's dream job.  Be persistent and enjoy the journey.

- Linda Leach, Corporate Controller, SOM graduate

Utilize the connections you have made with faculty. They are your lifetime mentors! They want to continue to be a part of your success, even after graduation!

- Jenn Swank, BBA in OBHRM 2002

  • Stay grounded, and do not be afraid to roll up your sleeves.
  • Find one or two good mentors that can help steer you in the right direction.
  • Buying someone a coffee every now and again can go a long way.
  • Incorporate community service and volunteer outreach into your daily routine.  The best mentorships and friendships are those developed for the greater good.
  • Never forget the people who helped you achieve success and continue to pay it forward. You could be the missing piece to someone’s future accomplishments.

- Rashal Baz Zureikat, BBA in Marketing 2014

Don’t be afraid to lean on those around you as you begin to establish yourself in your career. The connections you make can open new opportunities you might not have had otherwise.

- Maxwell Montney, BBA in Finance 2018

Keep plugging away.  While things are difficult, this is a time in your life you will always remember.  Set yourself apart and be willing to do whatever it takes.  Be ready for change, be helpful, we will get through this. 

- Jim Carney, Bank President, SOM graduate

If students are graduating now, my advice would be to continue your education (e.g. MBA, Ph.D., or take additional classes).

- Rick Tromble, CEO and entrepreneur, SOM graduate