December 6 - Alumni Evening

"Interacting with our Workspaces: Sound and Stuff"

The first event in a series of “Alumni Evenings” will launch on December 6, hosted by Dr. Greg Laurence. During “Interacting with our Workspaces: Sound and Stuff,” Laurence will be discussing his research on various aspects of employee well-being, and the relationship between employees and the spaces in which they work. Laurence’s discussion will also include his research on the process of personalization of workspaces and what effects this has on people’s experiences at work.

“The ability to engage with a vibrant alumni community is a rare opportunity that I think students should latch on to,” Laurence says. “While the networking opportunities that you have while a student are valuable, the opportunities that you have to meet alumns from before and after your time in the program can be even more valuable because of the increased variability of career paths and stages that will be encountered. Since students own interests and skill sets are bound to continue to evolve after graduating, the potential for that next interesting pathway to emerge through networking within the alumni network can be enormous.”

Date: Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Time: 5:30 pm- 6:30 pm
Location: Table & Tap (map)
*Event is free, space limited