During this difficult and uncertain time for us all, we would love to create a resource of small businesses within our UM-Flint community and help you with promotion.

Please fill out this form so we can add your small business to our website. If you have any questions, please contact Anna Swartz, SOM Alumni Liaison, annas@umich.edu.

Alumni Small Businesses

Co Founders

  Oh Hello Paper and Gifts, Alex Benda BBA '14 & Kayla Benda BA '14

Adorable gift shop that has that perfect gift for that quirky friend who you have the best inside jokes with.

Check out Oh Hello Paper and Gifts website! 

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Founder & Brand Strategist

  Oh Hello Branding Group, Alex Benda BBA '14

You are a small business owner and you are growing but your marketing department sucks, you hired someone but they just are not what you expected, and you feel like it is a waste of money. Realistically one person running social media, working with sales to make new promotions and sales material, manage the website, graphic design, doing photoshoots, ordering promo, copy writing, video editing, (you get it, it's a lot and it goes on) is too much for one person and it really isn't that they suck, it's that it is a lot to do. Oh Hello Branding Group is the next person you need to hire, because that is what we do. We work with your one man marketing person (or if you don't have one you) and turn them into a marketing army that you always wanted. The one who you know exactly how much you are earning for every dollar, that is developing new ideas each month to grow your business so you can focus on what you started your business for and not marketing endlessly, and one that brings in new customers.

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Owner/Creator/Designer/All of the Above!

  Queen Netzo Jewelry Co., Kayla Laird BBA '20

Handmade Wire-Wrapped Swarovski Crystal Rings! 

Queen Netzo is actually a name referring to my mother, Kennette. Her nickname was “Net-Net and/or Netzo.”

When I began to get into jewelry at the age of 7, my mother was battling breast cancer. With the help of my Aunt Myra, I started a new hobby making all sorts of jewelry. Whenever I would visit, my aunt would always be making a new necklace, bracelet, or earrings of some sort. She taught me all of the basic techniques I needed to know in order to make creations with integrity. I made jewelry for my mother to wear as well as everyone who helped around the house during that time of need.

With my dad being a pillar of support of my passion, the name “Queen Netzo Jewelry” has stuck ever since 2007. I felt the need to keep the name because it reminds me that she will always be the QUEEN in my heart.

Check out Queen Netzo Jewelry Co. website!

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  The Poke Bowl, Jeron Dotson BBA '20

“The Poke Bowl” is a quick bite health food restaurant. We feature fresh “Pokeh” (Sushi) & Açai Bowls. 

Our friends at Oliver T's Market in Grand Blanc and The Local Grocer in Flint carry our Signature Poke Bowls. Pick yours up today and let's Poke! 

Check out The Poke Bowls website!

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  The Roman, Casey Lester BBA '19

We are a men's boutique that focuses on grooming and apparel. Visit us in person at Shops on Saginaw at 601 S. Saginaw Street Flint Michigan 48502.

Check out The Roman's website!

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