Academic Matter Appeals

Students who believe they have been unfairly affected by a policy or practice of the School of Management may request review of the matter in question.

Many problems can be resolved by consultation with members of the faculty. This must be the initial step in all problems involving a faculty member. Any problem which is not resolved in this way may be appealed in writing to the Office of the Dean. Student appeals are reviewed by the appropriate area coordinator. If, after review, the issue remains unresolved, it may be appealed to the Dean and the Executive Committee. At this stage of the appeal, two students from the School of Management may be present in the discussion and resolution of the grievance, one designated by the appealing student and one designated by the Executive Committee. The students present do not vote. The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final.

In problem situations involving discrimination or sexual harassment charges, the student should consult with the Affirmative Action Coordinator or the Dean. Formal complaints must be filed with the Affirmative Action Coordinator. In those cases where discrimination or sexual harassment is alleged, findings of the Affirmative Action Coordinator are reported to the Dean and included as evidence to the Executive Committee in its review and rendering of a decision.

The initial step for an undergraduate student who seeks a review of a policy or practice not directly involving a faculty member is to petition for such a review by the Academic Review Committee; a graduate student should request a review by the Graduate Program Committee. If the issue is not satisfactorily resolved by the appropriate committee, the student may submit the issue to the Executive Committee by filing a written petition. Appeal to this committee is the final step in the appeal process for a student who requests a waiver of any school rule or policy.

The student's petition should clearly indicate the request or grievance and provide supporting evidence relevant to the case; a prompt hearing and timely decision will follow. Petition forms are available on the School of Management website under the forms tab or can be picked up in School of Management Office (2203 Riverfront).

For information or questions please contact the Kristin Arnst, Executive Secretary to the Dean at (810) 762-3253.