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Daniel Lake, MS

Lecturer of Marketing

Dan Lake, Lecturer of Marketing, is a Ph.D. candidate at Michigan State University. He has a Masters degree from Northwestern University. He had 7 years of professional experience. He teaches various courses in marketing for both the BBA and MBA program. He had a conference presentation at American Academy of Advertising in 2010, participated in 2011 American Marketing Association Educators Conference, and provided consulting services to several small retailers.

Dan Lake contributes to the academic life of our school beyond teaching as faculty advisor for many marketing student internships, and has been providing informal career advice to our students, including reviewing their resume. He is also the faculty advisor to the student organization of Marketing and Advertising Student Professionals. He has been involved with student recruitment on the campus of one of our community college partners. He served on marketing/communications specialist staff search committee, student concerns committee, and the advisory board of the university's teaching center. Finally, he represented the school in several local TV interviews.