How to stay focused in a noisy open office

Do you experience "emotional exhaustion" from an open workspace? Dr. Greg Laurence, School of Management Associate Professor of Management, spoke to NBC News BETTER that "people generally report higher levels of auditory and visual distraction in open workspaces." If you can't stand the noise, take control by reading these expert strategies.

UAW hoping to cash in on GM's success during negotiations

Keith Moreland, Professor of Accounting for SOM, spoke with ABC12 about the dynamics of UAW contract negotiations and how it affects General Motors and its employees.

School of Management Professors sourced in China Daily on Anti-Monopoly Law

Anti-monopoly review is not protectionism 

"Thomas Hemphill and George White III, of the University of Michigan-Flint, have said the language of the Anti-Monopoly Law indicates that it "will include protection of existing competitors and the effect on the national economy in addition to the effect on competition as such". In fact, many Western observers view China's national industrial policy to foster "national champions" in strategic industries as an example of protectionism."

Faculty Friday Feature with Dr. Kandogan

“I encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities SOM provides beyond the classroom, and differentiate themselves from others that will be graduating with the same degree. This could be involvement in a student organization, attending the speaker events, learning a foreign language using Rosetta Stone, or professional development workshops on networking, resume writing, etc. After all, successful business career depends on the soft skills developed through these activities.”

Faculty Friday Feature with Dr. White

“Learning is a lifelong endeavor. I am most excited to be part of the learning process with our students here at UM-Flint. It is a great honor and true pleasure to help facilitate this process— pushing the boundaries of conventional thought and ideas!”

Faculty Friday Feature with Ms. Cullari

“One advantage of an education at UM-Flint is that students can develop professional relationships with professors who can help with obtaining internships and employment and can counsel on personal matters. One of the joys for a professor is to personally assist students who, sometimes years later, contact the professor to report how the professor helped or how course knowledge assisted at work or in their personal lives.  If you take advantage of the many offerings at UM-Flint, you will reap the benefits many times over the years.”

Faculty Friday Feature with Dr. Witt

“What do you want to be when you grow up? Entrepreneurs explore this questions with a passion. They are always thinking, challenging, questioning assumptions, and looking at new ways to do things more efficiently and push the boundaries of their environment. I enjoy encouraging this exploration with the intellectual assets we have here at the university.”

Faculty Friday Feature with Dr.Fields

“The most successful people that I know don’t have perfectly linear paths. Choose the life that you want to live deliberately; don’t assume that the “expected” path is the right one for you. Study those who embody personal characteristics that you admire as closely as you do those whose actions don’t align with your values. Regardless of their title or financial success, seek to learn from those who are authentic and deliberate. Don’t ascribe to the belief system that certain people have more value than others. These are a few tips that can lead to success in the workplace and in life, in general."

Faculty Friday Feature with Dr. Banerjee

"Programs and algorithms are transforming the future of work and redefining merit. To lead in this environment, build self-complexity. Think in metaphors, be in conflict with your own ideas, and keep trying to surprise yourself."

Faculty Friday Feature with Mr. Nichols

"The University of Michigan–Flint has consistently demonstrated our commitment to student success. We recognize that our students compete for career opportunities in a highly competitive world. I appreciate the fact that our University provides educational opportunities in a fashion to reach any of our students. From classrooms to labs, online or in person, each student has the ability to learn in a mode that is right for their circumstances. In addition, the students have access to highly developed academic talent across a wide array of disciplines and have a significant presence of individuals who have industry experience to share with our students. We have established relationships with industry leaders to provide internship experiences as well as career paths for our students. Under the leadership of our School, we have continued to use our time, talent and treasure with the single focus of student success. I am proud to serve this University because of its focus on the student."

Faculty Friday Feature with Dr. Perera

"As a teacher, it’s rewarding to know that you are making a lasting impact on the lives of your students. UM-Flint's School of Management has provided me with the opportunity to continue this passion for teaching. Our school always offers something beyond the classroom education; these activities include factory tours, guest seminars, career fairs, case/pitch competitions, research symposiums, student organizations and more. Those students who engaged in these activities in the past did tremendously well after graduation. Therefore, I want to encourage our current students to be involved in these activities in order to get the best out of your Michigan degree. Go Blue!"

Motivations of Job Crafting: Evidence from Japan and China with Professor Laurence at U of M Ann Arbor

Professor Laurence presented Motivation of Job Crafting: Evidence from Japan and China for the Center for Japanese Studies (CJS) at the University of Michigan on February 14th, 2019.

His presentation went over research contributions of understanding job crafting by investigating the role of enjoyment of work and driven to work as job crafting motivations. 154 Supervisor-Employee dyads were surveyed. Enjoyment of work and driven to work were supported as motivators of job crafting. An interaction effect was observed, with low driven to work weakening the relationship between enjoyment of work and job crafting. Job crafting mediated the relationship between the two motivators and job performance. We add to researchers’ understanding of motivations for job crafting while making the first attempt to explore the job crafting phenomenon in East Asia.

Dr. Greg Laurence teaches negotiation, organizational behavior, and HR in graduate and undergraduate programs at the University of Michigan-Flint. His research revolves around employee well-being, including phenomena such as workspace personalization, workaholism, and job crafting. Dr. Laurence earned his PhD, MBA, and MA in International Relations from Syracuse University.

Faculty Friday Feature with Dr. Laurence

"Take some risks in your education. Push yourself to take a course that’s outside of your comfort zone. Maybe that's taking a course that seems very difficult or one that requires you to do something you’ve never done before. Maybe it’s going on one of our faculty led study abroad courses, where you’ll be exposed to different foods, different people, and different ideas about what business is and how it gets done. Education can and should be so much more than a piece of paper and a GPA - take some risks during your time at UM-Flint and you’ll come out at the other end a more complete, more well-rounded person."

Faculty Friday Feature with Dr. Simon

"I’m inspired by so many UM-Flint students. They’re juggling school, work, and family!  And despite these multiple responsibilities, they still create and embrace new opportunities by taking advantage of great internships, leading student organizations, attending events, and applying what they have learned! Working hard and being proactive are the keys to entrepreneurial success, so watch out world!"

Faculty Friday Feature with Mr. Knesek

"Education is more than a degree and does not stop when you leave UM-Flint. It is a lifelong journey filled with growth and opportunity. My goal is to get you excited about learning."

UM-Flint faculty on what your workspace may say to others

Have you thought about the impression you give off by your work space? Professor of Management, Gregory Laurence, and Professor of Psychology Terrence Horgan, discuss their workspace personalization research in a Q&A. In his research, Professor Laurence has found that "people working in low privacy workspaces (cubicles or even more open spaces) can benefit emotionally from some degree of workspace personalization – burnout in the form of emotional exhaustion decreases for people in these contexts who personalize.” 

Faculty Friday Feature with Dr. Moreland

“One of the best things about UM-Flint is that students can take control of their learning opportunities. Students who engage other students and instructors in their classes are likely to find more learning opportunities beyond the classroom, make the most of their time at UM-Flint, and find the best opportunities when they graduate.”

Faculty Friday Feature with Dr. Hemphill

“Unfortunately, people are so accepting a new technological innovation that they rarely think through the second and third order consequences of embracing it.  The result is that the technology ends up managing them, rather than they managing the technology.”

In the News: UM-Flint faculty on A.I. in the workplace

Thomas A. Hemphill & Syagnik Banerjee

“The societal effects of artificial intelligence are already being felt everyday by Americans — in the availability of autonomous automobiles, in self-adjusting lighting, heating and air-conditioning systems, in Amazon “learning” what your reading preferences are and suggesting books of interest." 

Clcik here to read more from the article.


UM-Flint students explore “The Business of the Arts in Japan” with Professor Laurence

A group of undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of UM-Flint’s programs, including: business, psychology, performing arts, and visual arts visited Japan for a ten day trip exploring the countryside to journal and sketch about their everyday experiences. School of Management faculty member accompanying the students, Dr. Greg Laurence states, “[This experience] has sparked ideas how to design other courses that incorporate travel and bringing different academic disciplines together.” Click more to read the full article! 

UM-Flint School of Management professor receives fourth Fulbright award

Dr. Seyed Mehdian, Professor of Finance in UM-Flint’s School of Management, has received a Fulbright award to conduct research in Romania in Winter 2019. This is the fourth time Mehdian has received a Fulbright award. 

In the News: School of Management faculty expertise with George White

UM-Flint professor, George White, Ph.D., discusses Toys R Us closings on ABC 12 WJRT

"M-Powering Marketing in a Mobile World": Sy Banerjee, Ph.D.

M-Powering Marketing in a Mobile World illustrates the processes by which mobile devices have transformed economies worldwide, the evolving face of Internet usage, strategies adopted by corporations, their applications in retail, emerging data and metric generation processes, as well as policy issues. It explains how mobile devices have become the market’s steppingstone toward an IoT-infused environment, a gateway for artificial intelligence–driven marketing processes and the entry portal for a potentially hyperautomated future of consumption.

Greg Laurence, Ph.D.

"Interacting with our Workspaces: Sound and Stuff"

School of Management's first "Alumni Evenings" event series was introduced in the Fall 2017. It was hosted by Associate Professor of Management Dr. Greg Laurence. With alumni, Dr. Laurence discussed his research on workspace personalization: Interacting with our Workspaces: Sound and Stuff.