"M-Powering Marketing in a Mobile World": Sy Banerjee, Ph.D.

M-Powering Marketing in a Mobile World illustrates the processes by which mobile devices have transformed economies worldwide, the evolving face of Internet usage, strategies adopted by corporations, their applications in retail, emerging data and metric generation processes, as well as policy issues. It explains how mobile devices have become the market’s steppingstone toward an IoT-infused environment, a gateway for artificial intelligence–driven marketing processes and the entry portal for a potentially hyperautomated future of consumption.

Greg Laurence, Ph.D.

"Interacting with our Workspaces: Sound and Stuff"

This fall, the School of Management introduced a series of "Alumni Evenings," first hosted by Associate Professor of Management Dr. Greg Laurence. With alumni, Dr. Laurence discussed his research on workspace personalization: Interacting with our Workspaces: Sound and Stuff