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Francine Cullari, MA, MBA, JD

Lecturer of Business Law, Labor and Employment Law, International Business Law

Full CV

Francine Cullari is a Lecturer of Business Law. She has JD from Michigan State University (MSU), an MBA from the University of Michigan and an MA from St. Louis University.  In recent years, she has taken numerous continuing education legal courses. In addition to teaching Business Law and Human Relations Law in the BBA program and International Business Law in the MBA program, Francine also served for two years as the Director of the School's Michigan Family Business Center. She participated in many of the center's workshops. Since fall 2011, she has been part of the governing faculty of the School, also serving as faculty advisor to student clubs. She collaborates with tenure-track faculty in research with publications (Journal of International Trade Law and Policy, Journal of Business Ethics, Michigan Business Journal, chapter in a book), conference proceedings and services to community businesses. She also has 12 non-peer reviewed publications. In addition to continuing her private practice of 36 years, she has actively taken part in several committees and advisory boards of State Bar of Michigan.  She has numerous awards, most significantly the MSU Alumnus of the Year (2003), the Athena Award from the International Chamber of Commerce, and the 2014 Hudson Award from the State Bar of Michigan, the highest award it grants for integrity and service.  She attends university functions such as the Dean Speaker Series, Business Appreciation Dinner, Economic Forum, Annual Internationalization Summits, and teaching center workshops. She is a mentor to many students, particularly those interested in a legal career. Last but not least, she established the Alejandro and Emiliano Sanchez Scholarship for the School of Management and provides input in the selection process.