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Businesses today operate in a global environment that is constantly evolving and changing. The key to success is the ability to adapt and respond quickly. Companies cannot rely solely on developing competitive advantages in new markets, technologies, and products without employing top quality managers who have the knowledge, skills, values, and attitude to succeed. Through team-based projects, lectures, assignments, case analyses and class discussions, the University of Michigan-Flint Graduate Business programs prepare our students to meet today’s challenges and shape tomorrow’s opportunities.


Master of Business Administration

By blending the personal interaction of traditional classroom activities with the anytime, anywhere convenience of modern online learning, the Master of Business Administration is designed to be accessible to busy professionals from a wide geographic area.

Master of Science in Accounting

The Master of Science in Accounting program is designed to build on your undergraduate education to prepare you for high-level careers in accounting. The Master of Science in Accounting also enables you to complete the 150 credit hours required to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Dynamics

In the University of Michigan Flint’s Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Dynamics, students will learn not only state-of-the-art theoretical underpinnings of leadership and organizational dynamics, but also how to strategically implement these theories through simulated “real world” applications and exercises in the classroom and the online environment.  The M.S. program will allow you to work effectively as a self-aware, reflective change agent, armed with a deeper understanding of organizational dynamics and the knowledge to improve outcomes, while employing leadership practices that will help you guide your organization to success.

Graduate Certificate in Business

This Certificate program prepares individuals with management and leadership potential to become leaders in their professional field. All courses taken for the Graduate Certificate in Business program also fulfill program requirements of either MBA program should you choose to continue your graduate education after completion of the certificate.

Post Master's Graduate Certificate

The Post-Master’s Certificates are intended primarily for individuals who have earned an MBA or equivalent degree and are interested in learning advanced concepts in a specialized discipline.  A Post-Master’s Certificate is the next step for students in the development of their evolving business expertise.

Dual Degree Programs

The University of Michigan-Flint allows students to pursue specific combinations of multiple graduate level (or higher) degrees simultaneously. The purpose of these dual degree programs is to allow students to undertake complementary programs of study simultaneously through streamlined curricular arrangements that allow double-counting of courses, which expedites the completion of each degree.