"M-Powering Marketing in a Mobile World": Sy Banerjee, Ph.D.

    Q: What prompted you to write this book?
    A: My industry experience started in CPG sales and distribution in brick and mortar economies devoid of reliable connectivity. Industries operated rather inefficiently with elevated information asymmetry and corrupt intermediation thus preventing buyers from selecting better alternatives, and organizations from knowing the needs of customers. Internet connectivity needed voltage stabilizers, electric and phone cables, which were often stolen by locals, delayed by bureaucracy, and chewed out by field rats. After moving to vehicle tracking and telecom industries I realized how connectivity could transform the economy, and the only possibility seemed wireless.

    Gradually, I observed the evolution of the digital domain where content, applications, and marketing knowledge were developed imagining users with visuals of young adults dressed in Abercombie and Fitch, sipping Starbucks lattes, with sufficient household wealth to afford multiple devices. Many practitioners seemed oblivious of large populations below the poverty line who were perhaps illiterate with limited access to nutrition and electricity, but had access to internet on shared mobile devices charged with old car batteries, browsing the same websites that their more affluent counterparts do.

    While parts of industry moved on to address the mobile information needs of developing economies that had greater population, diversity and growth in purchasing power, knowledge and education did not follow the same trajectory. I pursued research in this area collaborating with my coauthors who have laid out some of its foundations, to be able to contribute to more holistic knowledge development. This book is a by-product of those efforts.

    Q: How could this book help businesses with their marketing efforts?

    A: Aside from the numerous case studies and examples presented from across the globe, this book pushes marketers, traditional or digital, to think in a few directions before designing their marketing mixes and strategic perspectives.

    One: it familiarizes them with the potential diversity of website/ application audiences. Not only differences across user demographics, but also within user differences. The same user could change preference patterns and information processing based on the physical context of the same device.
    Two: The book illustrates the roles of competition and collaboration enterprises may play in lesser organized environments. It discusses ecosystem development, industry collaboration and identifying regulatory challenges.
    Three: the book explains how data can be used for leverage, augmentation and attribution, thus enabling new types of insights, decisions and product or service design.
    Four: Leveraging new technologies bring new uncertainties and risk in terms of violating regulations. The book discusses policies, violations, threats and misuses on a global landscape.
    Five: In the epilogue, the book discusses some fundamental marketplace transformations, heading to a hyper-automated future of consumption that marketers may reflect on for long term considerations.

    About Dr. Banerjee:
    Dr. Sy Banerjee is an Associate Professor of Marketing at UM-Flint. He received his PhD in Business (Marketing) from the University of Rhode Island, MBA (Marketing) from International Management Institute, New Delhi, and his Bachelor in Science (Economics) from Presidency College, Kolkata. He joined academia with four years of industry experience in consumer packaged goods, logistics, tracking and telecommunications.

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