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Michael B. McCarthy, MSA

Collegiate Lecturer of Finance and Quantitative Methods

Mike serves as Lecturer of Quantitative Methods, Finance, and Accounting. He holds a Master’s degree in Administrative Science from Central Michigan University and a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Michigan-Flint.

Mike brings over 35 years of professional and academic experience to the classroom and has held various business positions including departmental assistant director, corporate controller, deputy executive director, business manager, financial analyst, and president. He started teaching part time nights and weekends back in 1989 while working full time, then decided to semi-retire from the business world at age 35 to dedicate himself to teaching from that point on. He has taught over 25 different courses over the years and has served on a variety of boards and committees during that time. Mike has a long list of disciplinary presentations attended and given, and is the recipient of the School of Management’s “Outstanding Lecturer of the Year” award in 2016. He has been honored by his students here at U of M-Flint receiving over 80 Golden Apples and being nominated for the “Dr. Matthew Hilton-Watson Distinguished Professor” Award three times during his tenure.

He has been named the 2017-18 Collegiate Lecturer for the University of Michigan-Flint. Requirements for the award include ten years of service and successful completion of two major reviews.  Candidates are nominated based on exceptional teaching and service and additional contributions to the University.