SOM Alumni Support Students’ Learning and Careers

Throughout the fall, several School of Management alumni have returned to campus and added to the academic experience of current students by engaging with them in the classroom. This has been part of the school’s effort increase alumni engagement and provide students with the opportunity to create relationships with successful alumni. These engagement opportunities have been largely in the form of alumni career panels or “guest lecture/Q &As”.  The events have been great successes and school is looking for more alumni to participate in several upcoming activities. 

Career Panels
The career panels held this fall have provided alumni a platform to share tips on networking, work-life balance, and much more. The interactive events have created a new way for current students to learn from alumni about how to overcome academic and professional challenges as they prepare for life after graduation.  The SOM specific panels follow a series of successful panels that have been hosted across campus for all students.   

“Alumni Career Panels are becoming very popular across the campus and we are excited to see SOM hosting them in several of their classrooms,” said UM-Flint Alumni Relations Manager, Brent Nickola.  These panels are a very approachable volunteer experience for alumni that take no training and don’t have a long-term volunteer commitment.  The alumni come in, give some great practical advice to the students and network with other alumni.  Everybody wins.”

Lunch & Learn
In addition to being members of panels, several SOM alumni have been invited into classes to share more in-depth and focused looks at their individual paths to success. Recently, the Hagerman Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation has hosted a “Lunch and Learn” series where alumni entrepreneurs visit classrooms to deliver motivating speeches to students, discuss business technicalities learned beyond the classroom, and partake in a question and answer segment. This fall, Sarah Razak shared her experience as owner and operator of Gémeaux Macarons, with students and faculty. The series has been very popular with students.

“The Lunch and Learn series has provided School of Management students an open and comfortable environment to talk to entrepreneurs who have experienced the same types of doubt and confusion when starting their business,” says Marketing Senior Nick Matthies. “As business students, we read about success stories, but being able to meet with and have an open conversation with successful entrepreneurs who started on the same campus is really powerful.”

Did the School of Management make an impact on your life or career?

As an alumni, your engagement and involvement are essential components in strengthening the School of Management’s network and success. Volunteering at just one of our many professional development events can make a lasting impact on current students, community, and give you an opportunity to network within the university.

If you are interested in participating in efforts to enhance the student experience for SOM students, there are several opportunities in the upcoming months. View the School of Management's upcoming events for more information.

Fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you when an event is occurring, or an opportunity is available that is in line with your interest(s).  If you’d like to participate, we’ll see if we can make a connection!  There is no obligation.