Proposed High-Level Strategic Priorities

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Below are background material, reference documents, and data that were reviewed in the development of the Proposed High-Level Strategic Priorities. Also below is feedback from various campus sessions and feedback opportunities. All of these contributed to the development of the Proposed High-Level Strategic Priorities. For user convenience, the files have been grouped by topic area during an update to this page.

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Discussion Questions

Campus units are encouraged to discuss strategic planning within their units in a manner that makes sense for their particular community and planning timeline.

As a resource, below are sample questions that might be helpful in guiding your discussions. We encourage you to share the output of unit-level discussions with the Strategic Planning Steering Committee so we may incorporate them into our larger planning.


What is your vision for the future of our campus?

How/what can you contribute to make this vision a reality?

What are opportunities for growth?

What are challenges to achieving this vision?

What is needed to make this vision a reality?

What are discernible, distinguishing aspects of UM-Flint?

Historic Documents

Strategic Planning Past Reports

The University of Michigan Flint’s 2005-2010 Strategic Plan was the blueprint for a historic five-year period of record enrollment growth and new program development. The university grew from 6,422 students in fall 2005 to 8,138 in fall 2010, and added 10 undergraduate and 21 graduate programs, including three at the doctoral level. General education underwent comprehensive reform. The first residential housing opened for more than 300 students in 2008, and the university’s first capital campaign, Imagine: The University of Michigan-Flint Difference, raised more than $40 million.

Envisioning the next five years and beyond, this 2011-2016 Strategic Plan identifies 11 new priorities that build on the successes of previous years, renew the commitment to unfinished initiatives, and continue UM-Flint’s expansion as a premier regional institution where students, faculty, staff, and administrators are fully engaged across the campus and community. The first seven of the 11 priorities fulfill our three pillars of excellence in teaching, learning and scholarship; student centeredness; and engaged citizenship. The last four priorities target the institutional infrastructure that is the foundation for growth and innovation and that makes possible a campus-wide synergy of effort in reaching our strategic goals.

Strategic Planning Reports

Strategic Plan Prioritization March 2015

Strategic Plan 2011-2016

Strategic Plan 2005-2010