How will I receive a statement for my tuition and fees?

Each term the University of Michigan - Flint will send monthly emails to your student campus email address that a new billing statement has been issued and is available for viewing in the Student Account Center.  Since no paper statements are sent out, this email serves as the official billing notice.  Failure to receive or view the billing statement does not relieve any student of responsibility for payment by the due date.  A late fee of 1.5% will be assessed each month on any unpaid balance.

Where can I view my statement?
  1. Log in to the Student Account Center with your uniqname and password
  2. Select eStatements
  3. Choose the date of the statement you wish to view from the dropdown menu
  4. Click Select
for more assistance on viewing your statement, please view the online tutorial


Can I, as a student, authorize someone else to view and pay my statement? *

Yes, you can set up an authorized person to view the statement and make payments on your behalf by doing the following:

  1. Log in to the Student Account Center with your uniqname and password
  2. Select Authorized Users
  3. Enter the email address of the authorized user(s) and choose how much you would like that person to be able to view
  4. Select Continue

The authorized user will receive an email providing them with their login information to the Student Account Center.

for more assistance on setting up an authorized user, please view the online tutorial

Please also see the Student Account Proxypay Access Quicknote if you would like more detail on this process.