1.) Will I still be charged the late fees if I’m enrolled in the Payment Plan?

No you will not be charged the 1.5% monthly late fee as long as you make your payments by the specified due dates.

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2.) What is an Authorized User?

This plan gives you the opportunity to set-up "authorized" users. Once you have identified the "authorized" user in the Payment Plan manager, they will be able to log into the system using their own "ID" (which will be their email address) and make payments on your behalf.

You as a student will determine if the authorized user sees “only the amount owed” or “account detail”.

for assistance in setting up an authorized user, please view the online tutorial

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3.) How do I setup an Authorized User?

Before setting up an authorized user make sure you have their email address.  You may setup an authorized user following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Uniqname and Password
  3. Click on the Authorized Users tab at the top of the page
  4. Click on add an authorized user and follow the instructions posted

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4.) Setting up automatic payments

You and your authorized users will have the option to set up "automated" payments using electronic check.  By doing this your payment will automatically be charged to the bank account on file on the dates you set up without any additional authorization.  To setup automatic payments choose the Payments tab at the top of the page and follow the instructions posted.

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5.) Can I only make a payment online when I’m signed up for the Payment Plan?

No. You can also pay by cash, check or money order through the mail or at the Cashiers/Student Accounts Office to the address below.  Remember to always include your UMID on the check.

Cashiers/Student Accounts
261 University Pavilion
Flint, MI  48502-1950

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6.) I pay by cash. How can I pay on my Payment Plan?

You can always pay in person at Cashiers/Student Accounts Office between the hours of 8:30 AM - 5 PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 9 AM - 5PM on Wednesday, with extended hours available toward the beginning of each term.   

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7.) Must I wait until my installment is due to pay it? Can I pay in parts when I get a paycheck each week?

Yes.  You can pay your installment any time before the installment due date. You can also pay your payment in parts as long as it's all paid before the due date.

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8.) I set up my payment plan and viewed my installments and now the amount has changed. Why?

The Payment Plan is an adjustable plan, which means that if any new charges or credits are applied to your account, your installments will be adjusted so that when your final payment is paid your balance will be paid in full.  Thus, the original plan displayed may not be the plan a month later if a class is added or dropped or other charges or credits are applied to your account.

Please check the Student Account Center to view the plan on the day it's due to view the total amount due. Any new charges applied are divided and equalized into the remaining installments. New payments, either in cash or financial aid, pay the first installment and then each of the next installments, depending on the amount.

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9.) Who can I contact if I have further questions regarding the Payment Plan?

We want to make sure that all your questions are answered so please feel free to contact the Cashiers/Student Accounts Office at (810)762-3490 or email us at You may also visit our office located at 261 University Pavilion , Flint, MI  48502-1950.

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