Supplemental Instruction

“I am so incredibly happy I went to SI, I didn't know nearly as much as I thought I did for this test and I don't think I would have done as well without her tutoring.”

SI means Supplemental Instruction, in which a trained SI Leader who has successfully completed the class attends classes with students and holds weekly review sessions.  You have to study for your class anyway – why not do it with someone who has successfully completed the course?

See Current SI Schedule:

Fall 2020 SI Course Schedule

How does Supplemental Instruction work? 

Supplemental Instruction (SI), provides students in specific courses with weekly group study sessions led by a trained SI Leader.

Studies prove that SI Works!

Studies show that students who attend SI do better on average than those who do not attend SI.  They are more likely to pass the course, to have higher grades, and to increase their GPA.

You will be reviewing the material discussed in class that week with other students as well as with an SI leader, who is an upperclass student who passed that same class with at least a B.

You will also work on content discussed in class and assigned by the course instructor every week, so you will be much better prepared when exams come.

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Individual tutoring

“I felt very nervous about this course and was looking for some extra help outside the classroom…I am more confident in this class and feeling better about my final exam.”

Individual, one-on-one tutoring appointments are available for many 100- and 200-level courses, as well as for selected upper level classes.

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Learn more on how to use the tutoring system -  video instructions (click here), written instructions (click here)

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Your course is not supported by a tutor? We can still help. Fill out this Tutor Intake Form and we see how we can get you some help. We'll reply to you with academic support options within one or two business days.

Want to become a tutor? Here’s how to apply

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Tutoring Labs

You are welcome to join any of the tutoring sessions for the courses listed below. Tutors are available during the schedules listed here:

Fall 2020

BIO 168 Virtual LAB


3:00-4:00: BIO 168 group tutoring

Meeting ID: 985 9187 8638, Passcode: 403930


1:00-2:00: BIO 168 group tutoring

Meeting ID: 949 8676 3018, Passcode: 539855


Virtual Location:

Meeting ID: 948 0358 7811, Passcode: MATH


9 am to 3 pm


9 am to 5 pm


9am to 7 pm


9 am to 6 pm


9 am to 2 pm



How to Become a Tutor

Have a special expertise in a subject or subjects?  Here's how to apply to be a tutor to share your excellence:

  1. The Student Success Center provides tutoring only for certain subjects and courses. To see a partial list of the courses we tutor, click here
  2. Have a faculty member submit a recommendation for each course you wish to tutor to
  3. If you are interested in tutoring Math, please review the Math department's Math Tutor Requirements by clicking here
  4. Apply for the Tutor II position at by selecting the Flint Campus and typing "Tutor II" in the keyword search box, and then click on Search.

The SSC reviews applications on an as-needed basis. Should we determine a need, we will contact applicants on file.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at (810) 766-6773 or

DUE to COVID-19, it is preferred you email as opposed to call, but if you prefer to call, please leave a voice mail with your name and call back number.

Student Testimonials

“I already feel much more confident in my knowledge of the content. [The tutor] is very engaging and asked me questions or to explain things to see where I was with my understanding of the material. She also gave me an idea of how questions would be worded on the exams and what sort of things I should be looking for when reading the textbook or studying.”

“Jerry really helped me get a strong grasp on what I was misunderstanding. 100% more confident than I was walking in.”

“Tutoring session went well and increased my ability to know more about the subject.”

“I feel prepared, and all of my questions were answered.”

“Just finished the 2nd WebWork assignment, earning an A!”

“After going to tutoring, Med Surg I made so much more sense. Being able to hear a student explain material in a different way greatly impacted my learning experience. Katie and Lisa are excellent tutors, who go out of their way to make sure students learn more complex topics and concepts. I have and continue to recommend these two tutors to other students who have been struggling in this class. However, I think any student (struggling or not) would greatly benefit from these two.”

“I started out not feeling very confident…After today's session my confidence is back and I am working towards an A on the next exam.”

 “I believe that after the first session, the SI leader helped out tremendously and gave out great study tips that worked specifically for this course.”

“I definitely feel more confident. The way [the SI Leader] broke it down I felt like I kind of did know the information. Now it's just a matter of for sure knowing it.”

 “Going to SI has helped me focus a lot. Many times, I have found myself lost in what was discussed in lecture. However, going to SI has helped clear a lot of confusion. [The SI Leader] actually has us do problems on the board and always can address any questions students have.”

“I feel really confident about this course! SI sessions have helped out so much and provides so much clarification.”

“I feel better and the SI sessions make sure to boost my confidence and reassure that I am caught up with new content.”

“I feel like these SIs are extremely useful and helped me get a good grade on my first exam.“