Frequently Asked Questions:

Is orientation mandatory?

Yes. Orientation at the University of Michigan-Flint is a required program designed to facilitate a smooth transition to UM-Flint and assist you in making the most of your college experience. A non-refundable Orientation fee of $150 is added to all first-year students' tuition bill.

What is the agenda for orientation?

You can find a detailed agenda for First Year Orientation here.

You can find a detailed agenda for Transfer Orientation here.

When and where is orientation?

Freshman (first time college student)- For on-campus orientation, check-in begins at 8:00 am in the lobby of the University Center.

Transfer student-  For on-campus orientation, check-in the lobby of University Center beginning at 8:00 or 12:00, depending on session attending.

Are placement exams required before I attend orientation?

Yes. Students are required to complete placement exams at least two weeks prior to orientation. Placement exams are necessary for academic advising and course registration. Placement exams determine what courses students can take and they should be taken seriously. Exceptions are for students who are waiting for advanced placement scores. 

How do I log in to Blackboard, email, or SIS?

You can log into all of the university’s online resources using your Uniqname and LAN password. Visit for links to each site.

What should I wear/bring to orientation?

During the session we will be walking around campus so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and dress casually. You should also bring a driver’s license, passport, or government issued photo-ID.

Can I bring my parents and/or guests to orientation?

Yes. Parents are encouraged to come, however due to space constraints, no more than 2 guests are permitted. There is a separate orientation session for them. Click here for more information. 

Where can I find driving directions and where do I park for orientation?

Parking is availabe in "Mill Street Parking Ramp" for orientation, no permit required. Visit for an interactive map and for driving directions or you can use the following GPS address to find the parking lot:

Mill Street Ramp: (Becareful if using navigation to locate Mill Street Ramp- Flint, MI not Flushing)

402 Mill Street, Flint, MI 48502 (GPS directions)

*** Please be aware there is construction in progress on campus

Why did someone call me about orientation?

Our orientation leaders contact all new students by phone in an effort to ensure that you are fully prepared for your orientation session and that your records are up to date for orientation events, such as registration. They will answer any questions and help ease any concerns you may have.

When do I purchase my textbooks?

Once you have registered for your courses, you can purchase textbooks through the “Shop For Textbooks” link in your SIS account or bring in a copy of your schedule a few weeks before the semester to the bookstore.

Where and when do I get my parking permit, and why do I need one?

You can get your parking permit the first week of classes.

Parking permits are available on the stage on the first floor of the University Pavilion at the beginning of every semester and through the ITS Helpdesk in the Murchie Science Building (MSB). There is no charge for your parking permit. You will need your permit to park on campus to avoid receiving a parking ticket (they do not ticket during the first few days of the semester). We will show this location during your orientation session.

Who can I call if I have other questions?

The Student Success Center is open (virtual hours may apply):

Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m

Contact us at (810) 762-3085 or

What is my UMID?

Your UMID is an 8-digit student ID number.

Why should I check my email?

You should check your campus email often because most university offices and departments will only email a student through their UM-Flint account. This is how we verify we are talking to the correct student.