2021 Events

The Quad-POD will offer the following events - one designed for students and one for faculty. 
Student Event:
Metacognition: The Key to Acting Courses (and Life)!
Friday, Feb. 12, 10:00 - 11:15 am
Session description: All students who are admitted to college have the ability to ace their courses. However, most students did not acquire effective learning strategies in high school and resort to memorizing information just before tests. This strategy usually yields poor results, with students earning grades much lower than their ability. This interactive workshop will introduce students to cognitive science based learning strategies that help all students experience meaningful, transferable learning, resulting in A's in their courses!
Faculty Event:
Get Students to Focus on Learning Instead of Grades:
Metacognition is Key!
Friday, Feb. 12, 12:20-1:50 pm

Session description: 21st Century students come to college with widely varying academic skills, approaches to learning, and motivation levels. Faculty often lament that students are focused on achieving high grades, but are not willing to invest much time or effort in learning. This session will focus on the importance of helping students acquire simple, but effective, learning strategies based on cognitive science principles. We will engage in interactive reflection activities that will allow attendees to experience strategies that significantly improve student success by transforming students' attitudes about the meaning of learning.





Teaching Symposium

The Quad-POD hosted its first teaching symposium, Transformative Practices in Teaching and Learning, in October 2019. The event featured the work of over 90 faculty and staff from each of the four campuses through a poster session and individual and group presentations.

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Faculty Learning Communities

The Quad-POD Consortium is excited to offer a Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) Program across all four Flint high education institutions (Baker College, Kettering University, Mott Community College and UM-Flint).

We believe that while each institution may have its own culture, we have many commonalities too - especially where student learning is involved. We are excited about the conversations, sharing of teaching ideas and implementation of new practices that can result from these scholarly interactions. Each FLC member should select a course they will transform through insights gained from FLC participation. We expect FLC projects and their results to be shared at Quad-POD events and hopefully regional and/or national conferences.

2019-20 Faculty Learning Community Program

About Quad-POD

Quad-POD (Professional Organizational Developers) is a consortium of leaders from the four institutions of higher education in Genesee County and includes Baker College of Flint, Kettering University, Mott Community College and the University of Michigan-Flint.

Quad-POD recognizes that quality teaching practices benefit students directly and that faculty need to be engaged in continuous professional development as teachers. Faculty are encouraged to become more reflective about their teaching practices, familiar with the literature regarding effective teaching and learning practices, and incorporate new methods and technologies into their teaching. We encourage faculty to learn and share successful practices to improve learning outcomes and increase cooperation among institutions. 


Past Events

The Quad-POD Consortium was pleased to host the following:

2019 Engaging Generation Z in Meaningful Learning featuring Corey Seemiller, PhD

2018 Principles and Practices of Critical Inclusive Pedagogies featuring Whitney Peoples, PhD, Assistant Director and Stephanie Moody, Instructional Consultant, Center for Research on Teaching and Learning, University of Michigan

2017 The Unwritten Rules of College: Creating "Transparent" Assignments that Increase Underserved College Students' Success featuring Mary-ann Winkelmes, PhD, Director of Instructional Development and Research, University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV)

2017 The Importance of Teacher Empathy in Student Success featuring Katherine Rowell, PhD, Professor of Sociology, Sinclair Community College

2017 The Mayhem of Teaching; Mistakes, Miscues and Misunderstandings featuring Katherine Rowell, PhD, Professor of Sociology, Sincalir Community College

2016 Recognizing and Ameliorating Implicit Bias in the University Setting featuring Mathew L. Ouellett, PhD, Associate Provost and Director, Office of Teaching and Learning, Wayne State University

2016 Motivating & Engaging Students: Strategies for Teaching from the Psychology of Learning, featuring Todd Zakrajsek, Co-author, The New Science of Learning and Associate Professor, University of North Carolina

2015 The College Fear Factor featuring Rebecca Cox, PhD, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia

2014 Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out of the College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning featuring Jose Bowen, PhD, Dean, Meadows School for the Arts, Southern Methodist University

2012 What Do the Best College Teachers Do? featuring Ken Bain, PhD, Provost, University of District of Columbia

2008 Helping Students Emerge as Critical Thinkers featuring Stephen Brookfield, PhD, Professor, University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis

2007 Engaging Students at Higher Cognitive Levels featuring Susie Whittington, PhD, Associate Professor, Ohio State University

2006 Classroom Teaching Strategies, Practices that Foster Deeper Learning featuring Barbara J. Millis, PhD, Director of the Excellence in Teaching Program, University of Nevada-Reno

2005 Team-based Learning featuring Larry Michaelson, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of Oklahoma