Dr. Lois Matz Rosen Junior Faculty

Excellence in Teaching Award

Dr. Lois Matz Rosen taught at the university for over 20 years as a Professor of English.  She was the founding Director of the Thompson Center for Learning and Teaching.


This annual award was established by Dr. Rosen upon her retirement in 2003 and carries a stipend of $2,000.  In any given year, the award may be split between 2 highly qualified applicants or, should no qualified candidate be nominated, may not be awarded, at the discretion of the TCLT Advisory Board and Director.  An award may be made only once to a junior faculty member and the faculty member must be employed by the University in the fall semester following the Academic Convocation when the award is presented.



Tenure-track faculty in any UM-Flint school or college in their 3rd year of appointment up to but not including the academic year of their initial review for promotion/tenure are eligible to be nominated.  Highly qualified candidates must possess the following characteristics:

  • Consistent level of excellence in and demonstration of inclusion strategies.
  • Demonstrated commitment to teaching through course development activities, attendance at campus teaching workshops, participation in conferences on pedagogy, publications related to pedagogy, etc.
  • Recognizable commitment to UM-Flint students both inside and outside of the classroom (through advising, mentoring, or research/performance activities.)
  • Awards will not be made to individuals who are selected to receive the Teaching Excellence Award in that same year.



Nominations may be made by a nominee’s faculty colleagues, Department Chair, or Dean. The name of the nominee and the name of the award for which the person is being nominated is due no later than Thursday, January 18, 2018.  This information should be emailed to The deadline for submitting the supporting documents is Thursday, March 8, 2018.  Supporting documents should be submitted to the chair of the Scholarships, Awards and Special Events Committee (SASE), c/o Provost’s Office, 229 University Pavilion or via e-mail to Self-nominations will not be accepted. The TCLT Advisory Board will review materials and select the recipient(s) for this award.


Required Support Documentation – maximum of 25-30 pages total (including nomination form)

  • Completed Nomination for Faculty Award form (1 page).
  • Nominee’s condensed vita listing classes taught, new course development, instructional techniques (2 pages).
  • Teaching Philosophy (1-2 pages).
  • Letter of recommendation of Department Chair or Dean (2 pages).
  • Written reflection and summary of student evaluations (2 pages).
  • Three peer recommendations and/or peer reviews through classroom visitation (It is strongly recommended that at least one peer review through classroom visitation be included. Review of online teaching is also acceptable.)
  • At least three but not more than five letters of support from students that address teaching and advising that are solicited by the candidate’s nominator or chairperson.

Additional materials submitted beyond the required documentation will not be considered.