Dance at UM-Flint

Bachelor of Arts in Dance  |  Minor in Dance

The University of Michigan-Flint dance program strives to create a nurturing, inclusive, and open minded environment where students ca grow intellectually, physically, artistically, and spiritually.

We see dance as a vehicle for

inspiration, connections, and positive change

Our students explore a comprehensive program grounding in cultivating community and individual artisitc growth with a foundation in dance studies, technique, performance and choreography, teaching dance, body conditioning, and technical aspects of theatrical production.

Why Study Dance at UM-Flint?

Whether you major or minor in dance, you'll experience a carefully balanced curriculim in artistic practice and dance studies within a liberal arts environment.

Students study creative and performance aspects of dance within historical and theoritical contexts, and are prepared to work in a variety of settings including danc education, arts administration, establishing a dance studio, and work with theatre and dance companies.

Our program is uniquely paired with courses in theatre design and technical practice for a skills-based approach to the performing arts. Students may also intersect their dance studies as a double major or dual degree canidate in the humanities, social sciences, business, educations, health sciences, and more.

Degree Plans

The Bachelor of Arts in Dance degree provides a concentrated course of study in dance technique, history, composition, design, and performance; supplemented by elective options to augment each student's area of speciality.

The Minor in Dance features two, flexible tracks: Dance Studies and Perfermance and Choreography. Both track have room for electives to shape each student's professional goals.


Our fine arts technique courses are founded in modern dance, ballet, tap, hip hop, and jazz - one of only a few programs offering a variety of forms. 

Students culltivate their artistic voice in choreography and performance courses, and cross-train in health and wellbeing courses, including Yoga and body conditioning.

Global perspectives and social contexts in dance are explored through courses in Dance History, Art of Teaching Dance, Dance and World Culture, and Dance with the Community. 


Students have two performance opportunities in our main stage dance concerts. The Fall Dance Concert welcome students choreography presented alongside faculty work, while the Spring Dance Concert feature choreography by faculty and guest artists. 

Additional opportunities include travel to the American College Dance Association conference (ACDA), are festivals, and student dance clubs. Dancers may also audition to perform or work backstage in our department's theatre productions. 

Guest Artists

Opportunities to intereact and study with national choreographers, dance companies, and dance historians are avaliable through our courses, performances, and workshops. Affiliation with these master artists often leads to opportunities in the professional field after graduation.

Guest artists, lecturers, and master calasses have included:

Frances Bradley-Vilier

Paulette Brockington

Amy Cova

C. Daniel Dawson

Constance Valis Hill

Michael Woodberry-Means

Collage Dance Collective

Hiplet Ballerinas