Audition/Interview Information & Sign-up

The scholarship program is designed to attract and retain students of exceptional talent and promise and to enable these students to pursue a theatre degree without financial hardship.  Scholarships funds honor a variety of theatre patrons past faculty members, and vary in their academic requirements.  Scholarships are awarded based on an audition or interview held every spring.  Students should contact the department at: (810) 237-6522 for additional information. Scholarships currently available are listed below. Nicole Broughton and William Irwin are the current scholarship coordinators within the department. 


Scholarship Application Form 



Scholarship application materials, video auditions and/or artistry examples are due to the appropriate area head by FRIDAY, AUGUST 14th.

After application materials are reviewed, applicants will be contacted for a phone or video interview.

For assistance on your video audition, material submissions or general questions regarding the scholarship application, please feel welcome to contact the appropriate instructor from your area of interest listed below.



Audition Requirements: In addition to the scholarship application, actors are asked to submit a video audition of themselves performing one monologue and a song OR two contrasting monologues. Total time of the video audition is not to exceed three minutes. Please send your scholarship application materials and video audition to William Irwin, Associate Professor of Theatre, at by FRIDAY, AUGUST 14th.



Audition Requirements: In addition to the scholarship application, dancers are asked to submit a video audition, one to three minutes long demonstrating your strength as a dancer in your style of choice. This can be achieved in one of the following ways.

1.     Perform dance exercises from any style of dance 

2.     Perform a longer combination from previous classes

3.     Perform a short solo you’ve choreographed yourself

4.     Provide footage from a prior performance. This would ideally be a solo or something that clearly focuses on you within a group.

We understand you may not have access to traditional dance spaces due to school and studio closures. Taking this into consideration, your video may be recorded in any space that works best for you. You can even record outside. Please send your scholarship application materials and video audition to Beth Freiman, Director of UM-Flint Dance, at  by FRIDAY, AUGUST 14th.



Application Requirements: In addition to the scholarship application, please submit up to three drawings or examples of recent creative projects. These examples should demonstrate your current abilities and what interests you as an artist. Please send your scholarship application materials to Lisa Borton, Resident Scenic Designer, at, by FRIDAY, AUGUST 14th.



For ALL areas, the scholarship renewal process has been deferred for this year. Contingent upon maintaining the appropriate G.P.A. for your awarded scholarship in 2019 – 2020, you will continue to receive the same scholarship in the 2020 – 2021 academic year.