Theatre at UM-Flint

Our program balances the theoretical with the practical, and our students confront the realities of performances while working on our productions. They learn the fundamentals of acting, build a foundation of directing principles, develop their own creative design lens, study effective management and communication, and they master grace and motion. Our students build the foundation of theatre and then put their education to work on our mainstage. 


We aim to create compassionate, flexible, and courageous individuals. 


Why Study Theatre at UM-Flint?

Studying theatre creates a well-rounded individual that embodies the liberal arts education. There are numerous studies about the benefits of studying theatre, like this one.

Why study with UM-Flint? With our program you’ll find manageable class sizes, individual attention, a wealth of opportunity for hands on work, and a degree that allows you to pursue your areas of interest to best cater to your career goals. We want you to succeed, and with your drive & our knowledge and resources we’ll help you get there. 

Degree Plans

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre/Theatre General in Honors: This is our most flexible degree, as you can choose different tracks: performance, musical theatre, literature & history, or the broad general track, where you can devise your own course of study, and mix-and-match courses across design, technology, as well as performance.

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Performance: If you want to be a professional actor, this degree prepares you with the training and production experience to ready you to compete successfully to be employed as an actor. You’ll study acting techniques in depth: realism, classical styles, Shakespeare, stage combat, dialects, acting for the camera, musical theatre, dance, and so many more classes to help round out your skills as a performer.


Bachelor of Science in Design and Technology/Design & Technology in HonorsThis flexible program allows you to glean skills and knowledge across the areas of theatre production: costumes, scenic, lighting, sound, & stage management. Many of the classes are hands-on studio style classes, meaning you’ll dig right into props, carpentry, sewing, hanging lights, and managing rehearsals. You’ll also take classes in design theory that allow you to study plays and learn how to create a three-dimensional world for the characters. 


We offer Minors in Theatre, Dance, and Musical Theatre. We are proud of our strong history of having students who are pursuing degrees in health sciences, psychology, marketing, and teaching, who seek to prepare for their career of choice as dynamic communicators who stand out for their creativity, confidence, innovation, and collaboration.



Our courses are spread across a variety of theatrical disciplines: performance, design, production technology, & management. We have faculty that specifically support and specialize in each of these areas to best educate our students. We have the benefit of small class sizes, designated classroom spaces, and up to date technology. 

Students will take introductory classes across all of the aforementioned areas to build a common foundation with their peers, and then go on to enroll in classes more specific to their area of interests and career goals. 


Students have three opportunities to perform in theatre productions on our mainstage each year. These offerings include musicals, classical theatre, contemporary drama, slapstick comedy, and many more. Students also have the opportunity to spearhead their own independent projects by utilizing the department’s Blackbox Theatre. 

Theater majors also have the opportunity to audition and perform in our department’s dance productions, with two concerts per year. 

Guest Artists 

We are constantly assessing our own program and figuring out ways to be round out our students’ education. We utilize guest artists to help develop skills in our students from an outside perspective. Whether they’re designing in a production, teaching a workshop, or just having a conversation, our guest artists augment student growth. 

Guest artists, lecturers, and master classes have included:

Jennifer Damiano, Broadway performer

Matthew Tibbs, sound designer

Rob Kauzlaric, playwright 

Mattico David, playwright

Heather Fleming, wig designer and artisan

Aimee Plant, properties artisan