Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

This is our most flexible degree, as you can choose different tracks: performance, musical theatre, literature & history, or the broad general track, where you can devise your own course of study, and mix-and-match courses across design, technology, as well as performance.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Performance: If you want to be a professional actor, this degree prepares you with the training and production experience to ready you to compete successfully to be employed as an actor. You’ll study acting techniques in depth: realism, classical styles, Shakespeare, stage combat, dialects, acting for the camera, musical theatre, dance, and so many more classes to help round out your skills as a performer.

Bachelor of Science in Design and Technology

This flexible program allows you to glean skills and knowledge across the areas of theatre production: costumes, scenic, lighting, sound, & stage management. Many of the classes are hands-on studio style classes, meaning you’ll dig right into props, carpentry, sewing, hanging lights, and managing rehearsals. You’ll also take classes in design theory that allow you to study plays and learn how to create a three-dimensional world for the characters.  

Bachelor of Arts in Dance

This comprehensive program provides a broad specialization in dance within a liberal arts curriculum. Students grow intellectually, physically, artistically, and spiritually in a nurturing, inclusive, and open-minded environment. Students balance creative and performance aspects of dance with historical and theoretical contexts, and are prepared to work in a variety of settings including dance education, arts administration, establishing a dance studio, and work with theatre and dance companies.


We offer Minors in Theatre, Dance, and Musical Theatre. We are proud of our strong history of having students who are pursuing degrees in health sciences, psychology, marketing, and teaching, who seek to prepare for their career of choice as dynamic communicators who stand out for their creativity, confidence, innovation, and collaboration.