Help for Your Project & Telling Your Story

University Communications & Marketing services are provided at no cost to UM-Flint departments. We’re here to help you navigate through your overall communications strategy needs as it relates to print, multimedia, social media, web, and other initiatives.

In addition, your story, your photos, your opinions, and your videos give the overall UM-Flint story texture, personality, authenticity, and accessibility. Contact us to:

  • Request help with communication and marketing strategy, graphic design, web projects, and social media strategy
  • Send us ideas for testimonials or news stories
  • Send us information about your upcoming event or activity
  • Send us your photos, videos, or write-ups of what's happening in your area
  • Send us a link to a page on your website about something we should promote on the UM-Flint homepage or on social media

University Communications & Marketing Project Request Form

Please note that a scope-of-work review will take place to determine the amount of time allocated for your project.  Any additional time needed will be determined at the time of project submission.

Please enter 10 digit phone number with no spaces or hyphens.

Please summarize your request, providing as much detail as possible (e.g.: who, what, when, where, why, how).

Please note that the desired completion date may need to be adjusted after the project request has been reviewed.
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