Welcome to the Business and Finance Web site.  The organizations that report to the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance are committeed to providing you with our deep professional expertise and servant leader focus.  Our organization is better today than yesterday, and will be better tomorrow than today with your help and feedback.  Our leaders come to work to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.
The staff of Business and Finance supports the Mission and Vision of the Flint Campus.  More specifically and personal to our organization:
  • VISION:  "the why":  We believe that an education at UM-Flint can enhance the lives of students, families, and ultimately the Flint community.  This is "the Michigan Difference" and will result in transformational growth for all.
  • MISSION:  "the how":  Our mission is to make that vision a reality through "Serving the Blue, Serving U".
  • GOAL:  "the what":  Delivery of the deep expertise in our various areas of specialty; servicing many as the provider of choice and employer of choice...and to do so with a "warranty"...we strive to make it right, or at a minimum, understandable.

If you share this set of beliefs, join us in making the Michigan Difference a reality.  In Business and Finance it's more than a career, it's a calling.

Departments/Areas within Business and Finance

Faculty Advisory Committees

  • Administrative Services Advisory Committee
  • Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Budget & Strategic Planning