The primary objectives of establishing the current budget model were to provide a financial incentive to grow enrollment as well as decentralized financial decision-making.  This was a change from the prior model which was basically incremental in nature.

The current model was first implemented in fiscal year 2005-06 based upon the recommendation of the Chancellors Advisory Committee on Budget and Strategic Planning (CACBSP) in collaboration with the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance.  Ultimate approval was given by Chancellor Ruth Person.   The Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance is responsible for implementing and reporting through the Director of Financial Services.

After 3 years, a formal evaluation was taken in the fall of 2008 to obtain, evaluate and summarize feedback and make recommendations for change.  The evaluation steps included:

1) faculty/staff survey;

2) suggestions from Vice Chancellors, Deans and other key individuals;

3) suggestions from a select group of unit budget administrators

4) recommendations of CACBSP

The budget process will continue to be reviewed and adjusted to support UM-Flint’s vision and strategic plan.   It is the primary vehicle where requests concerning funding, space, fees are formally received for the University.  The following are some resources on the process:

Budget Model Goals, Overview Diagram and Sample School Allocation
FY 2016 Budget Request and Timeline
History of Budget Model Issues and Changes


Budget Model FAQ:

How is the budget set for the campus?

The budget is incremented each year based on assumptions regarding enrollment and tuition rates, state appropriations, changes in fixed costs and new initiatives.

How is my organization’s base budget determined each year?

Allocations are made to each Executive Officer and School/College’s base budget based on its share of dollars assumed for revenue, state appropriations, fixed costs, and new initiatives.  It is the Dean’s and Executive Officers prerogative to distribute funds to the units within its control.

How can I increase the chances of getting an initiative funded?

Solid business cases that align with the strategic plan and

  • leverage new funding (enrollment),
  • reduce risk, costs,
  • leverage existing resources
  • cross functional in nature

How is annual salary program funded?

Merit is covered by increases to budgets for a given year.  There is no specific funding of the program.

How can I tell exactly what my tuition payment is funding?

All revenue sources are pooled to fund the expenses in the General Fund.  It is not possible to trace each dollar paid to a specific expense.