Campus Drinking Water Testing Results

The University of Michigan-Flint is committed to keeping the campus community informed. As part of the University’s ongoing efforts to share information about campus water quality, the university has created this interactive map to provide information with results of lead testing throughout campus. 

This map contains the results from the most recent lead test at a particular location from the recent round of samples. Historical test data can be found listed below the map, organized by date and archived dating back to 2014.

The University of Michigan-Flint has been testing its water since the fall of 2014. Campus wide water testing is conducted by Monarch Environmental Inc. (Brighton, MI) and analyzed by Brighton Analytical L.L.C. (Brighton, MI). Results from the lab are provided below. The University will continue to post lab results on this website.

The interactive map below allows individuals to zero in on the most recent test results for a particular location from the last sampling event.

For more information on the test results at any location, simply click on the dot to see the most recent test results. Please note that the federal standard for lead levels in drinking water is a maximum of 15 parts per billion (ppb) and the new state standard is 12 ppb.

Most Recent Campus Drinking Water Testing Results Map

Laboratory Testing Data:
UM-Flint has taken comprehensive measures to ensure drinking water on campus in all facilities—including drinking water located in classrooms, residence halls, childcare, and cooking facilities—is filtered, tested and safe.
The University remains actively engaged with the entire Flint community to address our most immediate needs, to create solutions, and to build a strong future for our community.