Workshops and Presentations

The Women's Educational Center has both workshops and presentations available for student organizations, staff, and classrooms. If you would like to learn more or schedule a workshop or presentation please e-mail us at If you would like to request a workshop or presentation please fill out our form.

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Workshops and Presentations

Bystander Intervention

Our bystander intervention presentation comes in 3 forms. The first is our Multi-Modal presentation that engages students through music, videos, and social media. Our second form is our Theatre presentation, which engages students to interact with Peer Educators to see what bystander intervention looks like in real life. Our third form is our “A Call to Men” presentation, which focuses on men as active bystanders and the role they can play in preventing sexual violence.

*These presentations are facilitated by Peer Educators

Consent 101

This presentation discusses what consent is and why it is important. It includes the benefits of consent, how to ask for consent, and situations when someone cannot consent.

Healthy Relationships

This presentation covers what healthy relationships look like, what warning signs may be of an unhealthy relationship, and resources available for survivors of violence and those who are close to someone in an abusive relationship.

Introduction to Masculinity & Masculinity 2.0

This workshop includes discussion, activities, and more surrounding gender and masculinity. The basics of social construction of gender are discussed, along with power and control, the male gaze, representation in the media, and using privilege for good.

*These workshops are facilitated by Peer Educators

Sexual Harassment

This presentation is an introduction to the topic of sexual harassment, including what sexual harassment is, what it can look like, and what options and resources students have if they are sexually harassed.

Sexual Violence 101

This presentation goes over the basics of what sexual violence is, what different types of violence fall into the category of sexual violence, prevalence, and a discussion about why sexual violence is so pervasive in American society.


This presentation is an introduction to the topic of stalking, including what stalking looks like, cyber-stalking, and the cultural norms around stalking in America.

Supporting a Survivor

This presentation is specifically designed toward those who are close to someone who has experienced sexual or gender violence. It covers why support is important, what reactions from survivors might look like, how best to support someone who has confided in you, and what resources are available to students.

What is the Women’s Educational Center?

This presentation provides general information about the WEC, the work that we do, and why we need a Women’s Center.