Earn a Certificate in Women's and Gender Studies with 15 credits. At least 9 of the 15 credits need to be at the 300-level or above. See the file below for specific course distribution and advising worksheet. 


Women and Gender Studies Certificate

Students can be admitted into a certificate program if they are enrolled in an undergraduate degree program; have earned a bachelor’s degree; or have not earned a bachelor’s degree but would like to earn a certificate. Degree-seeking students will declare the certificate program by submitting a change of program form in SIS. The certificate appears on a student’s official transcript. Non-Candidate For Degree students may apply directly through the undergraduate non-degree admissions procedures. This certificate program is Not Eligible for Federal Financial Aid if a student is not degree-seeking. Students completing a certificate only are not allowed to participate in Commencement, however the certificate will appear on a student’s official transcript. 


Fifteen credits as follows:

A. Core Course (3 credits)

One from:

  • WGS 100 - Introduction to Women’s Studies (3)
  • WGS 115 - Introduction to Sexuality Studies (3)

  • WGS 167 - Race, Gender and Sexuality (3)
  • or

  • PHL 167 - Race, Gender and Sexuality (3)

B. Electives (12 credits)

Twelve credits, including at least three at the 300 level or higher, from:

  • WGS courses and/or courses with WGS crosslistings
  • A course approved by the WGS Director

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