The Program is committed to creating an academic environment that supports faculty in the creation and instruction of WGS cross-listed courses. To these ends, to hold Affiliated Program Faculty Status in WGS, a faculty member must be committed to the mission of the WGS program  (as evidenced by course syllabi, scholarly and creative work, and service) and

  • Must have taught a WGS course or WGS cross-listed course once in the past three years


  • Commit to teaching a WGS course or WGS cross-listed course once every three years

    • Reasonable exceptions will be made for leave, sabbatical, reassigned-time or courses releases


  • Consistently utilize gender as a central conceptual framework in their courses, scholarship, and activism or service activities

To retain Affiliated Program Faculty status, the faculty member is expected to regularly attend WGS Program meetings (as noted in meeting minutes) and support curricular/programmatic needs. Status will be reviewed annually by the WGS Steering Committee.

Affiliated Program Faculty will vote for Steering Committee members and the Director.

Note on LEO Lecturers: The WGS program invites the full participation of LEO Lecturers I and II as WGS Affiliated Program Faculty, yet also understands that their employment status does not include the expectation of university service and participation may be burdensome. The expectations of this status are, thus, strictly voluntary work for them. LEO Lecturers III and IV (after being voted in by Governing Faculty) are expected to engage in university service, participate in faculty governance, and have voting rights, and WGS is an opportunity for them to engage in this work. Their participation in the WGS Program may be included as part of their annual service evaluation and/or major review service evaluation.

Expectations of WGS Affiliated Program Faculty may include the following

  • Provide significant input to the Steering Committee
  • Support curriculum and course development and participate in program development – including developing new WGS and WGS-crosslisted courses
  • Review applications for course cross-listing
  • Conduct Peer observations of teaching
  • Advise students
  • Help advertise the program and recruit students (minor and certificate)
  • Provide content for web site and other communications
  • Participate in planning events and hosting speakers
  • Participate in campus events and other opportunities to publicize the program


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