Our Charge

The UM-Flint Women’s Commission consists of members, of any gender, who are committed to the work of the Commission.  Moreover, although the Commission’s primary constituency is women, it seeks through its recommendations to promote full and equitable participation of all individuals, regardless of gender, in the UM-Flint campus community. 

In particular, the University of Michigan Flint Women’s Commission is charged with:

1) Ensuring that the campus continually reaffirms our shared mission of building a truly welcoming community

2) The Commission will regularly report on:

  • The status and needs of women on campus

  • Identify areas of strength and limitation

  • Provide recommendations that, while benefiting all members of our community, will also serve to sustain and enrich our ability to attract and support the most dynamic women leaders.

3) The Commission will seek to accomplish its charge by affiliating with local, state and national organizations and monitoring relevant policy, practice and accountability measures.

Original charge 2014; revised 2017