The UM-Flint Women’s Commission provided recommendations to the Chancellor’s Office from 2014-2020 on a wide range of issues affecting individuals of all genders and backgrounds. Although the Women’s Commission members were primarily female faculty and staff, the Commission sought to promote full and equitable participation of all individuals, regardless of gender, in the UM-Flint campus community. 

The UM-Flint Women’s Commission’s vision is to engage, educate, and empower the academic, professional, and personal growth of all students, staff, and faculty. The Commission won the President’s Distinguished Diversity Leaders award for the University of Michigan system in 2018. 

In particular, the UM-Flint Women’s Commission was charged with:

The UM-Flint Women’s Commission consists of members, of any gender, who are committed to the work of the Commission.  Moreover, although the Commission’s primary constituency is women, it seeks through its recommendations to promote full and equitable participation of all individuals, regardless of gender, in the UM-Flint campus community. 

In particular, the University of Michigan Flint Women’s Commission is charged with:

1) Ensuring that the campus continually reaffirms our shared mission of building a truly welcoming community

2) The Commission will regularly report on:

  • The status and needs of women on campus

  • Identify areas of strength and limitation

  • Provide recommendations that, while benefiting all members of our community, will also serve to sustain and enrich our ability to attract and support the most dynamic women leaders.

3) The Commission will seek to accomplish its charge by affiliating with local, state and national organizations and monitoring relevant policy, practice and accountability measures.

Original charge 2014; revised 2017

Data & Policy

Overview of UM-Flint’s demographics and resources:
As an institution, our student population has been changing to include more women and people of color. Our faculty and staff also have a large number of women, more than many other institutions. This is part of our identity as a regional comprehensive university with schools that are known to have large representation of women, especially programs in education and nursing. And yet there is significant evidence that on this campus women and people of color experience bias, a pay gap, and the glass ceiling or “intangible systemic barriers that prevent women from obtaining senior-level positions” (Johnson, 2016). 
UM-Flint’s Women’s Commission conducted annual reviews of demographic data for faculty, staff, and students at UM-Flint. These reviews, as well as other intensive research programs led to the following recommendations to the Chancellor’s Office. 
Link to reports on UM-Flint Institutional Analysis
Link to UM faculty/staff demographics aggregate data
Link to UM-Flint HR website
Women’s Commission Impact on University Policies and Practices:
· Recommended and reviewed the campus climate survey assessment 
· Built relationship with MI-ACE Network including institutional representatives
· “Did you Know” campaign for faculty and staff life events
· Use eRecruit/Interfolio for staff/faculty hires to collect demographic data on applicants
· Sexual Violence Response and Resources Infographic
In process:
· Increase number of exit interviews for faculty and staff
· A faculty equity review (ongoing by Committee for Economic Status of the Faculty)
Recommendations for future work:
· Offer Kids Care at Home, Family Helpers, and Elder Care programs for UM-Flint faculty & staff
· Funded and sustainable mentor program for faculty, staff, and students including a mentor directory available online
· Continue to fund attendance at DEI events and organize local events like FAWN and FLINT



October 18, 2019 – Book Discussion: Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower by Brittany Cooper

November 14, 2019 – Presentation and Discussion: Developing and Maximizing Professional Networks: A Conversation with Linda Logan

December 17, 2019 – Book Discussion: Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by Caroline Criado Perex

January 17, 2020 – Panel Discussion: Women Underrepresented in Professions, co-hosted with Kettering University.




Both the Women's Commission and individual members were recognized for their leadership and efforts to create inclusive environments that value all people.
Distinguished Diversity Leaders Team Award (2018)
Honoree: UM-Flint Women's Commission
Dorothea E. Wyatt Award (2020)
Honoree: Sandra Alberto, Coordinator, Thompson Center for Learning & Teaching
Dorothea E. Wyatt Award (2019)
Honoree: Jennifer Alvey, Associate Professor, Anthropology and Women's & Gender Studies
Dorothea E. Wyatt Award (2017)
Honoree: Shelley Spivak, Lecturer, Criminal Justice
Dorothea E. Wyatt Award (2015)
Honoree: Peggy Kahn, Professor, Political Science
Grant awards:
MI-ACE Women's Network Micro-Grant (2019)
Project: Building Community through Mentorship and Sponsorship
MI-ACE Women's Network Micro-Grant (2015)
Project: Stronger Together: Developing a Local Network for Women in Academia