English 109

Placement through departmental examination or consent of instructor - 1 or 3 credits

The ENG 109 College Writing Workshop is designed as an independent study in writing. You are able to focus on writing issues that interest you and are important to your academic success. All genres are explored, with an ultimate focus on writing for academic audiences. Peer collaboration is also an important component of this course.

English 110

College Writing Workshop II is a course designed as an independent study in writing for non-native speakers of English. Writing in English is usually a big concern for those students whose first language is not English. In this course the tutor will help the student acquire strategies for writing in English. Because the expectations for writing are often very different from one culture to another, the tutor will help the student learn the expectations of American readers. Writing for the American university is often based on texts that one has read, and one component of writing is noticing the details of a text. Another component of writing for non-native speakers is language acquisition. Finally, because language acquisition is important to understanding the texts a student is reading and the writing that he or she must produce, the student and the tutor will find strategies that help the student acquire more English