Welcome Faculty

Our Center began in 1971 under the direction of Patrick Hartwell and Bob Bentley as a place to help college writers. In our 40-year history, we have never strayed from that mission.

We have, of course, expanded our services, and the Writing Center now houses several campus-wide programs, including cross-curricular, graduate, speaking, online, and group tutoring. We collaborate with faculty and students from nearly every discipline. So come visit us and see what we have to offer.  If you have any questions, please contact me Jacob Blumner, Writing Center Director. Our tutors are eager to support you and your students’ needs. The following is a list of those services: 

Assignment Sheet Feedback for Faculty

Writing Assignment Feedback From Tutors

Are you tired of students not understanding your writing assignments? Do you field the same questions from students semester to semester? A writing center tutor can give you insights into what your students struggle with and what they value in your assignments. 

Have writing center tutors give you feedback on your writing assignments.  Tutors are best placed on campus to provide you feedback on your writing assignments because:

  • They see more writing assignments on campus than anyone else
  • They understand where students succeed and where they struggle with writing assignments
  • They have language to talk about writing the students often lack
  • They are students and understand the student perspective
  • They are not in your class, so they have a dispassionate perspective

If you would like to meet with a tutor to discuss your writing assignment, contact Jacob Blumner (blumner@umich.edu).

Feedback Sessions: Appointments will last up to 30 minutes. Plan to discuss your assignment and assignment sheet, if you have one. Consider bringing all relevant materials if appropriate. 

This service is provided by the Marian E. Wright Writing Center and the Writing Across the Curriculum program.

Avoiding Plagiarism Tool Kit

Faculty Resources: Help students Avoid PLagiarism

University Policies on Ethical Writing and Plagiarism

Workshops and Materials to Recognize and Avoid Plagiarism

Student Guide to Paraphrasing and Ethical writing

Classroom Visits

If you would like your students to have an in-person overview of our center and services, you can schedule a classroom visit. One of our tutors would be happy to come to your class and provide a short 10-15 minute overview of the Writing Center.

To schedule a Classroom visit, email Jacob Blumner, Writing Center Director, blumner@umflint.edu.

Faculty Services and Support

The Writing Center offers the following services and support to faculty:
Provide services and support on assignment sheets and handouts:
  • A tutor can be a great resource to faculty. They can provide feedback and help you identify areas where students may have questions or problems

Provide services that can help support student writing development

  • Classroom visits
  • In-classworkshops
  • Peer review support
  • Confirmation slips
  • Writing Center tours
  • Required visits (Please let the Writing Center know in advance if you plan to require all students from a class to use the Writing Center. We can help assist your students in getting their appointments scheduled early to ensure we have availability. Certain times of the semester we can get very busy. We would also be happy to help arrange an in-class peer review if you would like.)

We can also provide feedback on your own scholarly work:

  • The Writing Center can also provide feedback on your own scholarly work. If you are working on articles or personal research, you can meet with one our staff in the Writing Center for feedback. Please contact Jacob Blumner our Writing Center director to schedule an appointment blumner@umflint.edu.

How we Tutor

The University of Michigan-Flint is as an institution learning. Therefore, the Writing Center is here to help students become stronger writers and editors of their own work. Here’s how we can help with that:

  • Be a sounding board as the student bounces ideas around with us
  • Offer tips or feedback about outlines, brainstorming, and generating ideas
  • Provide feedback on drafts about how it sounds to us as a reader
  • Offer to read it out loud so the student can hear how it sounds and discover areas that are working well or need more revision
  • Offer feedback on the organization and development of the opening, body content, and conclusion of the paper
  • Offer resources and support for research and citations
  • Help students learn to notice patterns of errors or awkwardness in grammar and style so they can learn to spot them more easily in their own work
  • Be a source of support and encouragment as students work through the writing process
  • Offer multiple appointment opportunties as the work through drafts of their work

In-Class Workshops

We can offer in-class workshops. You choose from one of the following, or with advanced notice, we can design a workshop for you.

  • How to get started writing a paper
  • In-class peer review workshops
  • Paraphrasing and avoiding plagiarism
  • Citation Quiz Bowl that makes learning a citation format easier and more fun
    • Currently available for MLA and APA

Testimonial for In-Class Peer Review:

“Having the tutors there was like multiplying my ability to support students as they worked through the peer review. At the same time, they were probably more approachable than I am, so students weren't as nervous about getting feedback. In the end, students strongly agreed that this was helpful. I've never had such strong support for peer review as I had this time.“ --Emily Feuerherm, Linguistics, UM-Flint English department, Fall 2019

 Schedule an in-class workshop, email Jacob Blumner, Writing Center Director, blumner@umflint.edu

Peer Review Support

To schedule an In-Class Peer Review, please email Jacob Blumner, Writing Center Director, blumner@umflint.edu.

Testimonial for In-Class Peer Review:

Having the tutors there was like multiplying my ability to support students as they worked through the peer review. At the same time, they were probably more approachable than I am, so students weren't as nervous about getting feedback. In the end, students strongly agreed that this was helpful. I've never had such strong support for peer review as I had this time.“ --Emily Feuerherm, Linguistics, UM-Flint English department, Fall 2019


Do your students have a paper coming up soon? You can schedule a tutor or more than one (based on our availability--please contact us early) to assist with an in-class peer review workshop.

  • We can follow your peer review protocol: If you would like us to follow a set protocol for the peer review, please let us know in advance so the tutors can be prepared
  • We also have a peer review protocol we can use if you prefer:
    • Students are broken up into groups of 3-4
    • Tutors ask students to review the assignment sheet and ensure everyone is clear about assignment guidelines
    • Tutors ask students to:
      • Be polite with feedback
      • Be constructive in suggestions and comments
      • Ask students to focus on organization, idea development, and how well it fits the assignment, first; then look at grammar and areas for revision
      • Ask one of the other students in the group to read the writer's work, and ask the writer to remain quiet while group members discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the paper. This ensures that the writer hears how it's being perceived by a reader. It also gives them time to consider how they might revise those areas before discussing them.
      • Allow the writer to then "talk out" what they may have meant and what they want to improve
      • Then, the writers switch and repeat the above process
      • The tutor will facilitate these discussions and help assist the instructor to float around the room helping to keep students engaged and providing constructive feedback

Recommending Students to be Tutors

If you have a student who you believe would make an excellent tutor, we would love to receive your nomination for them. The information below explains the process students need to take to enroll in the tutor training course:

1) Must have completed English 112 or its equivalent

2) Must have a faculty member nominate them.  A nomination is simply an email to the director of the Writing Center, Jacob Blumner, stating why the student would be a good candidate for the course; it does not need to be a letter of recommendation.

3) Students must provide a writing sample, preferably something academic

Please let me know if you have any questions.  I can be reached via email at blumner@umflint.edu or by phone at 810-762-0655.

The Seminar in Collaborative Writing Theory and Practice allows students interested in tutoring to study the theory and practice of a university writing center. Through discussion, practice, and observation, students will begin to make connections between theory and practice to develop their tutoring skills.  Two hours of observation in the Writing Center per week is required in addition to class periods.  ENG 363/563 is taught every fall semester.

  • Course Description for: ENG 363/563 - Seminar in Collaborative Writing Theory and Practice
  • Consent of instructor - 4 credits. This class is offered in fall semesters only.

Required Visits and Confirmation Slips

  • If you require a student to visit the Writing Center, please encourage them to bring the assignment sheet. This helps the tutor better understand the assignment expectations while reading through the student's work

    • You are also welcome to email Vicky Dawson, the Writing Center Coordinator, a copy of the assignment sheet to have available in case students from your class forget to bring it with them.
  • As proof of your student's visit, we can provide a hard copy or emailed confirmation slip
  • For required visits for an entire class, we do ask for advance notice, at the beginning of the semester or at least a month ahead of time. to help students make appointments early to ensure availability. Certain times of the semester, mid-terms and finals, can get very busy and have limited availability. We are also happy to help facilitate in-class peer reviews as well. If you have questions, feel free to contact Vicky Dawson or click here to schedule a Peer Review Workshop

Syllabus Day Video

Here is a short, highly informative 1 minute video of the Writing Center you can share in-class or add to Blackboard.

Syllabus Day Video

Writing Center Statement to put in Your Syllabus

Please use the statement below in your syllabus to inform students about the Writing Center:


The Writing Center can help with any part of the writing or speaking process, from starting an assignment to the finished paper or speech. Tutors can help you with papers or speeches for any course on campus, graduate or undergraduate.  They can help with getting started, organization, citations, grammar and more. To schedule an appointment or learn more about the Writing Center, go to the Writing Center Home Page, call (810) 766-6602, or simply stop by the Writing Center. We are located in the Thompson Library, 3rd Floor, just past the circulation desk on the back wall.  If students are in an online class, online tutoring is available for papers from online classes.  (E-tutoring and Live-Online-Tutoring are reserved for online or mixed mode classes only). Check the website for details.

Thank you for spreading the word about the Writing Center. Our goal is to improve the writing experience for you and your students!

Please contact Jacob Blumner or Vicky Dawson for further information.

Writing Resources for All Disciplines

We are in the process of gathering writing resources for all majors to help with writing in each specific discipline. Once those have been completed, we will be linking to them here.