Cybersecurity training center

The University of Michigan-Flint’s Cybersecurity Training Center offers the I-69 Thumb region opportunities for non-degree and industry-recognized credentials to prepare individuals of all ages and experience levels for dynamic digital challenges of the 21st century.

The UM-Flint Cybersecurity Training Center is one of 6 Cyber Range Hubs in Michigan as part of the Merit Network. The Michigan Cyber Range is a program that leverages the physical range to develop world-class cybersecurity professionals.

The statewide Cyber Range Hubs operate as a physical extension of the Michigan Cyber Range, hosting events, exercises and training classes. A Hub offers more than 40 industry-recognized certifications aimed at qualifying individuals for positions and contracts in cybersecurity fields. Companies can use the Hub to access virtual infrastructure for product development, testing and demonstration.

Michigan built a flexible cybersecurity range and program to meet the 21st century need of critical infrastructure defense, automotive, homeland security, criminal justice, and education. Cybersecurity differs from other technical disciplines in that it involves a thinking, adaptive adversary. The best way to improve defensive capabilities in this area is to practice against those adversaries. To meet this need, Merit Network Inc. was chosen to begin operating a cybersecurity range and program. The project is a public-private collaboration that includes government, the National Guard, universities, community colleges, K-12 schools and private industry.

The Michigan Cyber Range is a program that leverages the physical range to develop world-class cybersecurity professionals. There is a full program of meetings and workshops as well as tools to develop and promulgate best practices in cybersecurity training and cybersecurity itself. The range is used for individual as well as collective training. The staff are experts in the best and most current practices of cybersecurity training and are focused on meeting the specific needs of the people and organizations that use the range.

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Our Mission

Teach: We provide access to lab-based experiential learning and certification for all compliance requirements and frameworks, including NIST, NICE, NSA, DoD, 8570, HiTrust, FFIEC, PCI, CJIS and CSA.

Test: We engage, support and attract surrounding industries and entrepreneurs to provide cost effective and scalable access to software, systems and penetration testing.

Train: We host live security attack and defense exercises to benchmark skills across the spectrum, from K-20 to public, private, defense and military sectors.

Connect: As a regional cyber range hub, our program provides campus and community members access to the latest professional development opportunities to accelerate their careers and offers employers the necessary training to on board new employees and prepare them to face 21st century challenges in the workplace.

The Value to You

  • Increased career prospects in emerging cybersecurity industry and related fields.
  • No risk environment to learn best practices to protect your business and ecommerce site.
  • High salary potential, average cybersecurity professional earns $92,000 nationally.
  • Preparation for increasingly relevant industry certifications and careers as a Cybersecurity Analyst, Network Security Specialist or a Vulnerability Assessor.
  • Michigan currently has more than 8,000 cybersecurity job openings.
  • Importance in traditional workplaces, 67% of data breaches resulted from credential theft, human error or social attacks.