Part of the Largest Alumni Body in the World

University of Michigan-Flint alumni are part of the University of Michigan alumni body. The Office of Alumni Relations at UM-Flint is here for you.

Keeping your connection to UM-Flint is important. That is why Alumni Relations offers resources, events, and a connection to the campus that our graduates find invaluable.

Stay in touch, share your stories, get involved, and remain true blue with your university.

Tell Us Your Story

Hearing the latest updates from UM-Flint alumni makes us proud each and every day. Whether it be career accomplishments, leadership within the community, or everything in between, our alumni are a celebrated source of pride.

Now it’s time to hear from you! We’d love to know what you’re currently doing, and how UM-Flint helped to make a difference in your career and personal life. We are asking our alumni to share their experiences with us, to add to a repository that will celebrate our successes, and help tell the UM-Flint alumni story.

Volunteer Opportunities

On-Call Volunteer
Are you looking for a diverse mix of volunteer opportunities? Sign up as an “on-call” volunteer today and we will invite you to help with campus events such as residence hall move-in, fall welcome, and commencement exercises. On-Call volunteer experiences are typically two to three hours in duration and are a great way to network with other alumni volunteers.

Looking for a short-term and highly relevant way to give back to UM-Flint? Sign up for one of our “micro-volunteer” opportunities. These volunteer engagements are typically less than an hour in duration and are focused on helping students succeed. Frequently, we are in need of alumni with specific degrees who are open to sharing their UM-Flint experience and the opportunities afforded them because they have a MICHIGAN degree. Engagements take place in both group/classroom settings and one-on-one interactions. Continue reading to learn more about the opportunities available.

This is the gateway to the UM-Flint Intranet for all faculty, staff, and students. The Intranet is where you can visit additional department websites to get more information, forms, and resources that will be of assistance to you.