Academic Programs

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You have arrived at the compendium of Academic Programs at the University of Michigan-Flint. Here, you have access to our entire program list for every degree and certificate program we offer. We invite you to explore a diverse array of options that will expand your education, and create new opportunities for your future.

These programs are housed in one of six main academic units at UM-Flint:

These centers will lead you to more information on departments, various academic paths, testimonials from students, and information on our outstanding faculty.

For information on how to apply, visit UM-Flint Admissions.

Research at UM-Flint

UM-Flint is deeply engaged in research. These scholarly pursuits are diverse in subject matter and explore everything from global issues to matters here in the state of Michigan. UM-Flint is uniquely positioned to offer research opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students, allowing them the opportunity to work alongside faculty in the pursuit of new knowledge.