The Honors Program's combination of multi-disciplinary coursework and extensive hands-on research is designed to broaden students' perspectives.

Freshman/Sophomore - During the freshman and sophomore years, Honors students complete a core curriculum of four Honors courses. These courses encourage students to look beyond the confines of their own discipline to develop a more complex, multi-disciplinary perspective. Freshmen participate in an annual day-trip to the Festival Theater in Stratford, Canada.

Junior/Senior - The junior/senior phase is designed to promote independent study and scholarship within students' concentrations or major areas of specialization. Honors Advisors work closely with each student in planning the course of study for their concentration as well as planning for the final senior year project.

Off-Campus Study - Undergraduate research involves students working one-on-one with specialists in the field, both at UM-Flint and at campuses throughout the United States and the world. The off-campus study semester is funded by a scholarship of up to $3,000 and is usually taken the summer of the junior or senior year.

Honors Thesis - Following the Off-Campus Study Experience, students complete a thesis or creative project under the supervision of an Honors Advisor. The Honors Thesis or project is designed to provide expertise in the student's discipline and further enrichment of the student's curriculum.

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Emily Krueger, Honors Health Sciences Major

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