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Welcome to the University of Michigan-Flint’s Acronyms page, a centralized guide to the abbreviations frequently encountered throughout our campus. On this page, students, faculty, staff and visitors can quickly unlock the names and meanings behind the various acronyms used in campus communications and featured on signage. Whether you are new to UM-Flint or a longstanding member of the campus community, this resource is designed to help you navigate the shorthand language that is part of our daily dialogue, ensuring clarity and fostering a more connected campus environment.

Many of our buildings are also included on this list. Our campus map will show you where each is located.

Acronyms Description
AAHC Arab American Heritage Council
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
AFSCME American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
AHR Academic HR – in Ann Arbor, works with academic unions and contracts
ALA American Library Association
AODC Accelerated Online Degree Completion
ARS Academic Resource Sharing
BTAA Big Ten Academic Alliance
CAE Conferences and Events
CAPS Counseling and Psychological Services
CASE College or Arts, Sciences & Education
CBAM Committee on Bibliographic Access and Management
CGE Center for Global Engagement
CGS Center for Gender & Sexuality
CHS College of Health Sciences
Circ Circulation
CIT College of Innovation & Technology
COAM Command Officers Association of Michigan
CROB Classroom Office Building
DAAG Discovery and Access Group
DASS Disability & Accessibility Support Services
DBRRDS Deep Blue Repositories & Research Data Services
DPS Department of Public Safety
DSA Division of Student Affairs
EBS Events and Building Services (See CAE Conferences and Events)
ECDC Early Childhood Development Center
EHS Environment, Health & Safety
ELO Office of Engaged Learning
FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FH French Hall
FIA Flint Institute of Arts
FSPAM Faculty Selected Pamphlets
FWTL or FWT Frances Willson Thompson Library
GEC Genesee Early College
GDL Genesee District Library
HLC Higher Learning Commission
NHSRS Health Science Remote Shelving (Library storage)
I-School School of Information – also called Library School – where people go to get a masters degree related to library and information science
ILL Interlibrary Loan
IPEDS Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System
ITS Information Technology Services
Acronyms Description
IUOE International Union of Operating Engineers
LAC Librarians, Archivists, and Curators
LEO Lecturers’ Employee Organization
LEO-GLAM Lecturers’ Employee Organization-Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums
MAC Marketing and Communications
MCLS Midwest Collaborative for Library Services
MiALA Michigan Academic Library Association
MLA Michigan Library Association OR Medical Library Association
MMLC Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative
MRLT Michigan Research Libraries Triangle (grad student loan priviledges with Wayne State and MSU and Flint)
MSB Murchie Science Building (415 E Kearsley St, Flint, MI 48503)
NB or NBC North Bank Building/North Bank Center (400 – 432 North Saginaw Street in Flint, MI)
OCLC Library cooperative organization
ORED Office of Research & Economic Development
PAR Personnel Action Request
PDC Professional Development Committee
POAM Police Officers Association of Michigan
PRC Promotion Review Committee
REC Recreational Services
Ref Reference
Riverfront Riverfront Conference Center/Residence Hall (1 Riverfront Plaza, Flint, MI 48502)
SAA Society of American Archivists
SCA Student Circulation Assistants
SEHS School of Education & Human Services
SIL Student Involvement and Leadership
SIS Student Information System
SOM School of Management
SON School of Nursing
SPG Standard Practice Guide
STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
TCLT Thompson Center for Learning & Teaching
UA University Advancement
UCEN University Center/Harding Mott University Center
UHR or HR Human Resources
UIREEJ Urban Institute for Racial, Economic & Environmental Justice
UMSTU University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union
UPAV University Pavilion
VC Vice Chancellor
VPAA Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
VPEM Vice Provost for Enrollment Management

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