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The Center for Gender & Sexuality amplifies the voices of women, survivors, and the LGBTQIA+ communities and the intersecting identities within them. Through outreach, education, and advocacy, the Center for Gender & Sexuality provides skill and competency building that is grounded in activism and social justice.


The Center for Gender & Sexuality (CGS) strives to graduate students with the skills to impact the complexities of issues surrounding gender and sexuality and create positive social change.

About Us

The history of the Center for Gender & Sexuality begins with the establishment of the Ellen Bommarito and Women’s Education Centers.  Ellen Bommarito served as the inaugural director of the Ellen Bommarito Center, committed to outreach for the LGBTQIA+ community. Although working part-time Ellen’s compassion and consistent support of LGBTQIA+ students served as a foundation of the center’s efforts.

In 2001 the Women’s Educational Center was developed with a mission to provide for the critical needs of women and girls in higher education. Sexual Assault Advocacy services were added to the center in 2004 to allow survivors to have access to confidential and trauma-informed services.

In 2018 the center’s merged to form the Center for Gender & Sexuality. With a collective mission to serve our campus community that centers advocacy and support services from an intersectional, inclusive, and gendered lens.

Creating Safer Spaces is a campus-wide initiative to end sexual and gender-based violence at the University of Michigan Flint. Through peer-based prevention education, confidential and trauma-informed advocacy, and community-based programs, we are creating a safer space for all members of our campus community to learn, build healthy relationships, and live free from violence.

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