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The Office of Research & Economic Development (ORED) comprises the Office of Research and the Office of Economic Development to advance its mission is to grow research and creative capacity and serve the forward-thinking ambitions of the University of Michigan-Flint’s community by connecting university resources, faculty, and students, to the needs of community, industry, and business partners.

Mission & Objectives

  • Advance and promote the research mission of UM-Flint by supporting faculty and students with services and resources to enhance creative endeavors 
  • Establish and nurture partnerships and collaborations with community agencies, businesses and industry, and private foundations
  • Develop linkages between ORED activities and UM-Flint educational programs 
  • Develop infrastructure, practices, and policy to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, applied research, and tech-transfer culture at UM-Flint
  • Communicate to the general public, to the state and region the value proposition of UM-Flint in general, and more specifically to greater Flint

To learn more about past and ongoing UM-Flint research and community connections, check our ORED Newsletter Archive.

Faculty and two students looking for lamprey larvae samples in Flint River.


ORED offers faculty members the tools and services needed to impact the community, shape a positive future, and grow innovation and creative endeavors through research. Some resources include grant development support, external funding application review, compliance services, and funded research management.

Student conducting research in a lab.


For students, ORED assists in connecting course-based learning to solving genuine and practical research problems and to collaborate and partner with faculty, students, and community or business partners. At UM-Flint, we believe that every student possesses the unique strengths necessary to participate in research projects and learn new skills and research methods. That’s why undergraduate students are encouraged to get involved in emerging research projects that drive new discoveries and genuine change in the community. The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program and the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience provide paid employment to engage in faculty-mentored research projects. Students can present the progress of their research at the Student Research Conference, Meeting of Minds Undergraduate Conference, or other Undergraduate Research conferences.

Ariel view of downtown and campus.


ORED is a bridge for UM-Flint faculty and students to develop partnerships with community organizations, nearby universities, and business partners. These collaborations invest in student training, career development, and areas of faculty curricular and research expertise. By combining the shared strengths of UM-Flint faculty and students with community partners at ORED, UM-Flint keeps pace with new advances in scientific and creative knowledge.

To learn more about UM-Flint Faculty’s research projects with the community in 2020, check out our 2020 Faculty Research Spotlight.

BUSINESSES – Industry Partnerships

The Office of Research and Economic Development also offers a variety of collaborative opportunities with industry and corporate partners. These mutually beneficial partnerships are created to advance the missions of both organizations. The Business Engagement Center’s (BEC) team serves as the front door to the University. The BEC assists industry partners in developing University connections/expertise. In addition, the Business Engagement Center works with faculty and staff to make connections to the industry for research opportunities and funding. For small business owners, the Innovation Incubator [IN] engages entrepreneurs in the community and provides them with the tools they need to be successful.

Student conducting research in a lab.


Research innovation is essential to retaining talent in mid-Michigan, and the scale of UM-Flint’s campus and its student population is ideal for interdisciplinary team building. To learn more about past, current, and upcoming research projects, grants, and meetings view our recent research communications and follow us on Twitter.

Students working in the Ferris Wheel in downtown Flint, MI.


The Office of Research and Economic Development also offers economic development programs, which include innovation and entrepreneurship support, cybersecurity training, and business engagement. To learn more, visit the Office of Economic Development.

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