Urban Institute for Racial, Economic & Environmental Justice

Building Strong Community

The Urban Institute for Racial, Economic, & Environmental Justice (UIREEJ), a research-based advocacy, action, and development initiative at the University of Michigan-Flint, is dedicated to supporting and building our community.

In a symbolic gesture of community and partnership, the UIREEJ is proud to feature the work of the muralists from the Flint Public Art Project on this website.

Through local, state, national, and international partnerships, the UIREEJ will address some of the community’s key economic, environmental, and health challenges. The Institute will continue, expand, and focus UM-Flint’s public service initiatives while centering its work on community-based, participatory research. 

  • Examining the intersections of racial, economic, and environmental systems.  
  • Engaging in translational research to design practical solutions. 
  • Supporting community-led efforts to achieve a common vision.
  • Pursuing broad coalitions to identify and foster social determinants of success. 
  • Advancing public education, public-private partnerships, and civic engagement. 
  • Mitigating the manner in which the construct of race (and intersections of other identities with race) has impacted Black, Indigenous and People of Color.