Our Activities

The UIREEJ Activities will focus on three basic primary areas: 

  1. Rigorous, collaborative, and community-focused interdisciplinary research, scholarship, and creative  activity;  
  2. Interdisciplinary curricular development and programs;  
  3. Professional learning and service through the development of tools, resources, and programs. 

Research-based Advocacy

Build a synergetic network of researchers working across disciplines and institutions. Promote action-based research projects in PK-12 schools  and the community, addressing issues such as systemic racism and other forms of marginalization. 

Curriculum Development

Promote and support community-based teaching and learning curricula. Create and/or support UNV 100 courses that focus on urban spaces.  


Support and facilitate programming and collaboration for community leaders. Support UM-Flint student, faculty, and staff initiatives related to the Institute’s focus. 

Our Planning

Planned projects will align with our mission. Currently, these include seeking grant funding to:

  • Investigate disparities in health outcomes and access to health care that, historically, plague poor communities  and communities of color, where life expectancy is lower, infant mortality is higher, and birth weights are lower.  Infants, then, are more at risk for infections, delayed development, and learning disabilities. (Williams &  Mohammed 2013) 
  • Support students from disadvantaged backgrounds through the Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate  Achievement Scholars Program. Funded by the Department of Education, McNair grants assist students from  middle school through doctoral study. 
  • Provide professional development opportunities for PK-12 educators and leaders to enhance their  ability to address issues such as systemic racism in schools.
  • Promote and support community-based teaching and learning curricula.